A construction company in Belgium wanted to improve the connectivity setup for employees and operations at their construction sites. They hoped to upgrade from mono modem devices to dual modem solutions. 


The construction company has sites across the country with around 4-10 people per site. They have been experiencing difficulties in getting fixed lines installed. They wanted to change to a dual modem and mobile solution with convenient integration to their existing network. Additionally, since they hoped to deploy devices to multiple sites, they were looking for an affordable deployment.


They reached out to a European Peplink reseller, and the construction company was introduced to Peplink’s UBR LTE. Each site was equipped with a UBR LTE, using it’s dual-cellular capabilities to avoid the need for fixed line installation. 

The UBR LTE’s DIN mounts and Molex power connectors allowed for seamless integration with the construction company’s existing equipment racks. Furthermore, the ruggedized exterior, capable of operating at a wide temperature range, perfectly fit in the construction environment.

In addition to being an all-in-one WAN solution, this device comes at an affordable price, especially for larger deployments. The UBR LTE comes with complimentary PrimeCare for the first year, which includes SpeedFusion functionality, FusionHub licenses, and more.

Using Traffic Steering, the UBR LTE monitors each application then applies different SpeedFusion or other technologies to manage the traffic. This helps efficiently control how traffic travels within the network.


With the assistance of Peplink’s reseller, the construction company was able to provide inexpensive connectivity to each construction site. The UBR LTE’s plug-and-play system allowed them to easily set up and integrate the device with their existing racks, whilst boosting the whole network. 



  • Affordable all-in-one WAN solution
  • Plug-and-play system seamlessly integrates into existing network
  • Capable of a various technologies to enhance network performance