Barrister’s Case of Inconsistent Connectivity is Dismissed with Peplink

For commercial and corporate law, in-person court proceedings are regular practices, especially for a barrister. During these proceedings, a barrister is expected to be present physically and mentally as important matters are being communicated throughout.

Only recently, due to the COVID pandemic, was video conferencing accepted in Australian courts. This change eventually led to hybrid work, with some legal professionals even opting to work from remote locations.


A high-profile barrister from Melbourne was one of those to adopt hybrid work, choosing to work from a remote island 200 kilometers away from the coast of Tasmania. At the barrister’s location, fixed-line connectivity was unavailable. Despite the presence of fixed-wireless connections, users in the area often experienced connectivity drops and inconsistent speeds from the cellular network.

These connectivity issues caused concern to the barrister, who was heavily relying on video conferencing for work. The barrister faced difficulties in representing themselves and clients well as the inconsistent connectivity led to disconnects from the live court proceedings.


When Powertec Wireless Technology learned of these issues, they suggested for the barrister to implement Starlink into their network. M2M Connectivity then recommended a Balance 30 Pro to be the core device of the network. They used a Balance 30 Pro to host both cellular and Starlink connections.

They enabled the built-in failover capability to have traffic seamlessly transfer to the Telstra cellular link from the Starlink connections when they drop. SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding was also used to aggregate multiple Starlink connections into a stronger channel.

Although the router was with the barrister, Powertec uses InControl (and InTouch) to remotely monitor the Balance 30 Pro and proactively address any technical issues. Through the platform, they were able to set the traffic priority to put video conferencing traffic at top priority.


To date, the barrister is able to continue hybrid work seamlessly from a remote location. The implemented solution has maintained 100% uptime for the network, with a recorded average rate of 200 Mbps. The combination of Peplink and Starlink creates a future proof and scalable solution that can cater to additional devices or networks when required.

“We are pleased with the outcomes of this project, which has made remote work a reality for our customer. Working with M2M, we were able to identify the best hardware to power the solution and received essential training to ensure we can deliver ongoing support maintenance.”

Fletcher Juner, Wireless Technologist at PowerTec Wireless Technology


Balance 30 Pro

  • Deployed at the barrister’s location with cellular and Starlink connections
  • Enables seamless failover for minimal downtime, and bonding for greater bandwidth
  • Configured and monitored through InControl for remote management