The true flexibility of Multi-WAN

Lacking WAN inputs? Our newest firmware 8.3.0 now offers Virtual WAN support for applicable devices so you can create a virtual WAN on a particular VLAN and continue to enjoy SpeedFusion. Never be limited by the physical number of WAN ports again.

Common Challenges

The device has limited support for the number of physical WAN ports.

There is a limited budget to upgrade to a device capable of handling more WANs.

A complete redesign of existing infrastructure is time-consuming.



This feature allows you to add another Virtual WAN over VLAN when you need it.


Add up to 3 Virtual WANs to further your connectivity for devices that cannot support it physically.


Cut costs and deployment time associated with a complete redesign.


Seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure to enable multi-WAN connectivity.


Per WAN pricing structure for easy budgeting.

Big Picture

Scenario 1: Balance 20X

The Balance 20X is a PrimeCare model, which means it enables 1 Virtual WAN support by default, so it’s easy to obtain 2 wired ethernet connections to work alongside the built-in LTE. In addition, it can support up to 3 Virtual WANs over VLAN for quick and easy deployment.

Scenario 2: SDX Pro

Enable up to 10* Virtual WANs over VLAN for your SDX Pro, eliminating the need for physical connections from the HD2 Domes, especially if you have existing infrastructure. Simply connect the HD2 Domes to your existing managed switch, and run 1 fiber optic cable to the SDX Pro, providing 10 LTE connections in 1 cable!

*10/25/40x Virtual WAN is not enabled by default. An additional license is required for activation. For more details, please reach out to your local certified partner.

Supported Models & Ordering Information

No. of Activation License Product Code Compatible Models^ How to Buy
1 LIC-VWAN B One, B One 5G, MAX BR1 Mini 5G, MAX BR1 Mini M2M, Balance 20X, Balance 30 LTE/Pro, Balance One/Two, Balance 210/310 (HW4 or above), Balance 310 5G/Fiber 5G, Balance 310X, 305, 380, 580, Balance 710, 1350, 2500, 2500 EC MAX BR1 Mini (HW3), MAX BR1 ENT MAX BR1 Pro LTEA (CAT-20) MAX BR1 Pro 5G, MAX BR1 Pro (HW7) MAX BR2 Pro (HW4) MAX Transit (except Transit Mini) MAX 700 (HW3 or above) Dome Pro LR MAX HD1 Dome/Dome Pro MAX HD2 Dome, MAX HD2 (HW5 or above) MAX HD2 Mini, MAX HD4, UBR Plus MediaFast Series, X series SpeedFusion Engine Cam Purchase via your local certified partner* or directly on our eStore*.

^ Models with an active PrimeCare subscription will include One Virtual WAN on VLAN.

*You can find your local certified partner here or our eStore here.