Hybrid WAN

Between videoconferencing, streaming, and cloud storage, modern-day Internet applications are hungrier for bandwidth than ever. However, adding bandwidth to an MPLS connection is expensive, so you find yourself stuck between ever-increasing bandwidth requirements and an IT budget that can’t keep up. To solve these problems, we would like to introduce a useful SD-WAN technology: hybrid WAN. This technology enables you to achieve all the reliability of a private link without breaking the bank.

1. Sessions are encrypted and broken down into packets. Packets are then sent across multiple WAN connections.

2. The packets are then decrypted and reassembled into sessions by the Peplink router at the destination.

3. Transmission and reception are done at the speed of all the WAN links combined, minus the iverhead for VPN.

Enter Hybrid WAN

Hybrid WAN is a private link architecture such as MPLS using BGP supplemented by other, more affordable connections. Your private link and other connections are joined together into a single logical VPN connection. In addition, Peplink Hybrid WAN supports MPLS and BGP, so you can seamlessly transition from traditional private links to versatile and affordable SD-WAN.

When sending a session through the SpeedFusion VPN tunnel, Peplink routers will disassemble the session into encrypted packets. The packets are then sent through the available WAN links where they travel to the destination separately. The Peplink router at the destination will then decrypt and reassemble the packets back into a session.

This technology is transport-agnostic, so you can achieve WAN virtualization by supplementing your connectivity with xDSL, cable, fiber, and LTE. This solution can be used as an MPLS supplement. Simply connect all your links into the WAN ports, and they will come together to form a single SD-WAN connection that is fast, reliable, secure, and up to 85% more affordable.

Cloud Management

Scalable, Affordable, Speed.


Using SpeedFusion VPN bonding technology, you can combine multiple connections. This enables you to access headquarters at greater speeds than you could achieve with a single link, at a fraction of what it would cost using traditional WAN alone. Using our technology, the town of Tonawanda, NY. was able to increase their bandwidth by 15x.



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99.999% Reliability Without the Cost.


Because the links are combined together into a single SD-WAN, each link you add increases its reliability. Diverse connection technologies from diverse ISPs act as a supplement to MPLS and BGP, providing failover to second line and to LTE as needed. With the lower costs of commodity links, you can achieve connectivity 99.999% reliability at a fraction of what it would cost using traditional WAN alone.

Flexible VPN Routing Options.


Peplink’s SD-WAN technologies give you a wide range of options. Use our link load balancing technology to prioritize VoIP traffic over lowest latency links. Guarantee the session integrity of sensitive applications such as point-of-sale or credit card transactions using hot failover. Stream HD videos and have smooth videoconferences using SpeedFusion VPN technology. Use your commodity links to offload your for bulk traffic to the public Internet, while saving your critical traffic for private links.



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Simple, Powerful Cloud Management.


Using InControl 2, our powerful SD-WAN controller, you can easily perform a multitude of tasks from any browser window. Set up a star, mesh, or point-to-point VPN with just a couple of clicks. Configure groups of devices at once to save time. Schedule automatic firmware updates for your devices.



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