InControl 2 Subscription Terms and Conditions

The InControl subscription is a standalone service that enables selected Peplink devices to connect to InControl. While InControl is included as a part of warranty and PrimeCare, the InControl subscription enables you to connect devices to InControl without any additional subscription services.

Supported Devices

The full list of products that have InControl subscription is available on the InControl product page under “Product Availability”. The devices listed on this page is subject to change, please check periodically to ensure you have the latest version.

Use of Subscription Services

Any Peplink device will function on InControl as long as it is subscribed to InControl subscription, Warranty, or PrimeCare. Customers are able to change between InControl subscription and warranty without any interruption in InControl service. However, PrimeCare devices are unable to use InControl Subscriptions. Please refer to the PrimeCare Terms and Conditions for full details.

If a device no longer subscribed to any service, they will no longer be able to access InControl. However, all records from the device’s time under subscription will be retained and will remain accessible on InControl. If the device re-enters warranty or InControl subscription, it will once again become visible and manageable on InControl. InControl subscriptions are non-transferrable, each subscription is specific to the device that it is assigned to.

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