Robotics & Unmanned Vehicles

Enabling the impossible

Peplink’s SpeedFusion and contactless SIM management means devices can fully cut the cord and still enjoy fast and unbreakable connectivity. With this, customers can infuse connectivity to any device and enable new applications that used to be impossible.

Single Cellular WAN does not have what it takes

Constantly changing network conditions

Mobile networks constantly change due to network coverage, latency and congestion. Using one single LTE connection is not reliable enough for applications that need to be always on.

Time consuming site surveys

In IoT deployments, service providers often spend weeks or months to scope out the best carrier at a certain location. Large deployments with thousands of sites would take too long

Tied down by contracts

Businesses are often tied down by fixed contracts with bandwidth providers, whether they are actually utilized or not. This hampers business agility or sometimes even missed opportunities.

Peplink SD-WAN offers an easily scalable and manageable network

Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions & Products #3
Unbreakable connectivity with Multiple Cellular WAN

Peplink can seamlessly switch between multiple forms of WAN, including satellite and LTE, to ensure unbreakable connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Contactless SIM management

Peplink’s FusionSIM automatically selects the data plan that best fit predefined rules. No need to switch SIMs manually.

Best latency ensured

For latency sensitive tasks, set Peplink SD-WAN to select the WAN with the lowest latency automatically.


Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions & Products #4

Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned vehicles require constant connectivity with mission control. Achieve this by combining multiple cellular connections. Redundant SIM cards enable you to connect with 2 cellular providers per modem.

Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions & Products #5

EV Station Connectivity

EV Charging stations need to be connected to effectively execute user tracking and payment management. Connect your stations using MAX routers and take advantage of InControl 2’s API to communicate with existing systems.

Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions & Products #6

ATM Connectivity

Connect your ATMs using a combination of fixed and cellular connections to ensure that it always stays up. Packet-level VPN provides an extra layer of security. Use Peplink routers to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance.

Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions & Products #7

Digital Signage

Streaming quality interactive content requires high bandwidth. Achieve high bandwidth and connection reliability without breaking the bank by combining multiple connections in a high-bandwidth VPN tunnel.

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Satisfied Customers

“Our previous networking solution wasn’t good enough to guarantee mission success. We needed a solution that could handle the loss of one of the cellular connections and still function reliably.”

-Eric Loy, Team Captain. West Virginia University Robotics
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Case Study

Mit Robotics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was chosen to participate in NASA’s annual planetary rover competition. They sought to gain a competitive advantage by forming an unbreakable connection between the rover and mission control. With the help of Peplink technology, they went on to take second place in this prestigious event.

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