Keep Your Connection Flowing

From video streaming to online collaboration, everything depends on consistent Internet. When your line goes down, It can take minutes or hours to recover. Even with a backup line, it could take 30 seconds for the router to reconnect… unless you have SpeedFusion Connect. SpeedFusion instantly switches between connections so there’s zero downtime, opening up a wide range of possibilities.

Speedfusion Cloud

Speedfusion Cloud

Speedfusion Cloud

Speedfusion Cloud

Speedfusion Cloud

SpeedFusion Connect Can:

Protect Your VoIP Calls
Protect your Credit Card Processing
Make Work From Home Work Great
Give Road Warriors Seamless Connectivity
Make Video Conferencing Unbreakable
Connect Better to Cloud Services

Protect Your VoIP Calls

Use a secondary Internet connection to get seamless call hand-off when your primary connection fails. Use Hot Failover to ensure your calls will remain uninterrupted.

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Protect your Credit Card Processing 

Ensure that your PoS stays connected with a backup cellular connection. Never resort to using the credit card roller and filling out paper forms. Even if a line disconnects mid-transaction, Hot Failover will ensure that it will go through.

3 Technologies to Make Work From Home Work Great

Access shared files, cloud services, and videoconference as if you are still in the office. Use Bandwidth Bonding to make your Internet fast and unbreakable, use Bandwidth Overflow to minimize data costs, and use WAN Smoothing to make your videoconferencing consistent.

Give Road Warriors Smooth Connectivity

Securely connect to HQ using any connection, no configuration needed. Hotel Wi-Fi, cellular link, and landlines: connect with them all. Use WAN Smoothing to improve VoIP quality even when using a single WAN connection.

Make Video Conferencing Unbreakable 

Deliver clear and consistent video conferencing performance: stop playing “guess the word” with your colleagues and students. WAN Smoothing will improve your streaming whether you have single or multiple connections.

Connect Better to Cloud Services and SaaS

Experience blazing fast uploads and downloads from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google drive. Enjoy fast and unbreakable access to Azure, AWS, and cloud-based SaaS providers. Use Bandwidth Overflow to minimize network costs.

How it Works

We’ve hosted SFC nodes in public clouds all over the world. Your device builds a SpeedFusion connection with one of our nodes for unbreakable connectivity.

Pricing Plans

Product CodeProduct NameTrafficSpeedValidityMSRP USD*
SFC-CLD-BSpeedFusion Connect – Plan B500 GB200 Mbps6 months$ 20
SFC-CLD-CSpeedFusion Connect – Plan C1 TB200 Mbps1 year$ 40
SFC-CLD-DSpeedFusion Connect – Plan D2.5 TB200 Mbps1 year$ 80
SFC-CLD-ESpeedFusion Connect – Plan E5 TB200 Mbps2 years$ 159
SFC-CLD-FSpeedFusion Connect – Plan F10 TB200 Mbps3 years$ 299
SFC-CLD-GSpeedFusion Connect – Plan G20 TB200 Mbps3 years$ 589

* Pricing applies to US region only, other regions may vary.

Extended Accessibility

All SpeedFusion compatible devices now include complimentary SpeedFusion Connect usage, as long as warranty is active. Check your usage quota and our FAQ’s here.


    FAQ – What is SpeedFusion Cloud?



    Q. What is SpeedFusion Cloud?


    SpeedFusion Cloud is our global network of SpeedFusion nodes. It enables compatible Peplink devices to use SpeedFusion technologies without needing a second end point.



    Q. Which models support SpeedFusion Cloud?


    Balance SeriesBOne, BOne Core, BTwo, B20, B20X, B30 LTE, B30 Pro, Surf SOHO, B210, B305, B310 5G, B310 Fiber 5G, B310X, B380, B380X, B580, B580X, B710, B1350, B2500
    MAX BR1 SeriesBR1 Mini, BR1 Mini Core, BR1 IP67, BR1 IP55, BR1 Classic, BR1 MK2, BR1 Pro, BR1 M2M, BR1 Slim, BR1 ENT, BR1 ESN
    MAX HD SeriesHD2 Mini, HD2, HD2 IP67, HD1/2 Dome, HD4, HD4 IP67
    X SeriesB310X, B380X, B580X, MBX, MBX Mini, PDX, EPX, SDX, SDX Pro
    SpeedFusion Engine SeriesSFE, SFE CAM
    MediaFast SeriesMediaFast 200, MediaFast 500, MediaFast 750, HD2 MediaFast, HD4 MediaFast
    PrimeCare ModelsB20X, BR1 Pro LTEA, BR1 Pro 5G, BR2 Pro, TST, TST Mini, TST Duo, TST 5G, TST Core, TST Pro, TST Pro E, UBR LTE


    FAQ – Purchasing SpeedFusion Cloud



    Q. Can I purchase one SpeedFusion Cloud plan and leverage it over multiple Peplink devices?


    No, each SpeedFusion Cloud plan is attached to a single device’s serial number. Each device must have its own plan in order to utilize SpeedFusion Cloud.



    Q. How do I activate SpeedFusion Cloud allowance that’s included with my Care plan?


    All Care plans now come with SpeedFusion Cloud included. This data allowance will automatically begin and end in accordance with your warranty. No activation is required.


    See below for full details on eligibility:


    Balance Models: BOne, BOne Core, BTwo, B20, B30 LTE, B30 Pro, Surf SOHO
    BR1 Models: BR1 Mini, BR1 Mini Core, BR1 IP67, BR1 IP55, BR1 Classic, BR1 MK2, BR1 Pro, BR1 M2M,
    BR1 Slim, BR1 ENT, BR1 ESN
    PrimeCare Models: B20X, TST, TST Mini, TST Core, TST Duo Pro, UBR LTE
    Others: SFE
    500 GB200 Mbps
    Balance Models: B210, B305, B310X, B310 5G, B310 Fiber 5G, B380, B380X, B580, B580X
    HD2 Models: HD2 Mini, HD2, HD2 IP67, HD2 MediaFast, HD1/2 Dome
    PrimeCare Models: BR1 Pro LTEA, BR1 Pro 5G, BR2 Pro, TST Duo, TST 5G, TST Pro E
    Others: SFE CAM, MediaFast 200
    1 TB200 Mbps
    Balance Models: B710, B1350, B2500
    HD4 / X-Series Models: HD4, HD4 IP67, HD4 MediaFast, MBX, MBX 5G, MBX Mini, PDX, EPX, SDX, SDX Pro
    Others: MediaFast 500, MediaFast 750
    2.5 TB200 Mbps


    Q. My plan has expired but I still have usage left. What happens? Will it rollover?


    Any remaining cloud usage from expired plans will not be carried forward.



    Q. I have activated “Auto-Renewal” in eStore. When will my subscription Auto-Renew?


    By default, the preset trigger is set at 7 days prior to expiry or 10% data remaining, whichever comes first. Click to learn more here.



    FAQ – Using SpeedFusion Cloud



    Q. Does SpeedFusion Cloud count towards my SpeedFusion peer limit?


    No, it does not.



    Q. Can I track and monitor my SpeedFusion Cloud usage?


    Yes, keep track of your usage via the dashboards of your router’s WebUI.



    Q. How are SpeedFusion Cloud endpoints allocated?


    An option to either manually choose your endpoint or automatically be assigned an endpoint is available.

    Click to learn more here.



    Q. How do I ensure the application that I want to protect uses SpeedFusion Cloud?


    You can use an outbound policy to ensure that traffic from a specific application goes through SpeedFusion Cloud. Define your source traffic as “any” and select your application under “protocol”. Select “enforced” as your algorithm, and finally, select SpeedFusion Cloud as the enforced connection.





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