Router Utility

Monitor and control all your Balance and MAX routers* from any iOS or Android device with the new Router Utility app. Ready when you are, wherever you are, the Router Utility app gives you instant insight into device status, events, bandwidth usage, and more.

Get Push Notification on Events.


With full support for push notifications, you’ll know immediately whenever there’s an important status change or performance issue, helping you to keep small glitches from becoming major problems.

Monitor and Control from
the Palm of Your Hand.


Check Device Status.
Monitor WAN status, external IP addresses,
SpeedFusion links and user status.

Locate Your Device.
Pinpoint your GPS-enabled devices.

Inspect Event Logs.
Keep an eye on router event logs using any iOS or Android device.

View Bandwidth Statistics.
Get up-to-the-minute insight on bandwidth usage and throughput across your WAN.

Keep Traffic Moving with Anywhere,
Anytime Green Light Checks.


Check the status of all your Balance and MAX routers with the Router Utility’s dashboard and traffic light indicators.

With just a quick glance, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your network’s healthy.

*System Requirements:
  • This app requires connectivity to a Peplink Balance, Pepwave MAX or Pepwave Surf SOHO router (running Firmware 5.4.0 or later) and will not work without it.
  • Push notifications require Firmware 5.4.7 or later.
  • iOS version: compatible with iPhone iOS 9.0 or later as iOS 9.0, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 will not be supported. Requires iPad iOS 9.0 or later.