InControl 2 - Cloud Based Device Management

InControl Cloud SD-WAN Management InControl Cloud SD-WAN Management

Cloud-Based SD-WAN Network
Management Platform

Provision, Monitor, and Manage.
All From a Single Screen.

Network administration requires constant maintenance: standardizing device configuration, monitoring of network health, and urgent troubleshooting. With InControl, you can perform all these functions for your whole network, from any web browser.

InControl is our cloud-based endpoint management system. When connected to your devices, it aggregates data to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. On a single screen, you can push configurations to any and all of your endpoints. If you need to dig deeper, you can remotely access the web admin of any device on your network

Using InControl, you can save configuration time, minimize truck rolls, stay on top of the status of your network, and proactively resolve any emerging problems with speed and precision.

A Wide Range of Capabilities

From SD-WAN network provisioning to SSID management, InControl gives you to complete control of your network from any web browser:

incontrol zero touch configuration

Zero-Touch Configuration

incontrol sd-wan provisioning

SD- WAN Provisioning

incontrol zero touch provisioning

GPS Fleet Management

incontrol Network Troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting

Zero-Touch Configuration

InControl Cloud SD-WAN Management InControl Cloud SD-WAN Management

InControl simplifies network management by aggregating network information and presenting them in easy-to-read reports. Push configuration and firmware updates to hundreds of devices with a click of a button and apply schedules to SSID, Wi-Fi radios, and SD-Switch ports.

peplink incontrol bulk configuration

Bulk configuration: Push a configuration file onto a multiple devices at once, simplifying endpoint provisioning.
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peplink incontrol Remote Device IP Configuration

Remote Device IP Configuration: Upload a spreadsheet to push IP network configurations to multiple devices at the same time. Use device tags to control which devices to push to.
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Centralized Outbound Policy Management

Bulk Outbound Policy Provisioning: Save time by applying traffic steering rules from a master config file, push to multiple Peplink devices en masse.
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peplink incontrol Bulk Firewall Policy Provisioning

Bulk Firewall Policy Provisioning: Save time by extracting firewall rules from a master configuration, and applying to multiple Peplinks en masse.
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peplink incontrol Centralized Firmware Management

Centralized Firmware Management: See the current firmware version of all your devices. Schedule automated firmware updates for groups of devices.
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peplink incontrol Wi-Fi AP

Group-Wide SSID Settings:Configure SSIDs across all devices, or assign it to specific devices using tags. Set bandwidth limits, VLAN settings, and MAC Filters, all on InControl.
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peplink incontrol Customizable Captive Portal

Customizable Captive Portal: Customize Appearance, Social Wi-Fi login, bandwidth quotas, control every aspect of your captive portal and apply it to any SSID or VLAN.
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InControl mobile app ios android router management

Product Availability

There are three ways for your device to obtain InControl management:

Warranty:InControl management is included as a part of our warranty services. All devices come with 1-year of free warranty. To continue coverage after the 1-year period, simply purchase extended warranty.

InControl 2 Subscription:1-year and 2-year InControl 2 subscriptions are also available on our online cart for the following devices:

  • Balance 20, 30, One, One Core
  • MAX BR Series
  • Surf SOHO
  • AP One, AP Pro
  • FusionHub Essential, FusionHub Pro
  • SD-Switch

InControl Subscription Terms and Conditions

With the purchase of an InControl 2 subscription, These devices can access InControl 2 without the need of a warranty.

Privately Hosting InControl:InControl is hosted at Amazon Web Services in the US. For enterprise deployments that require a privately hosted version of InControl, please contact your certified Peplink Partner.

Use InControl to simplify your network management, saving you time and removing configuration headaches.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my device with InControl 2?
You can register your device by signing up for an InControl 2 account.

I purchased my device through a reseller. Can I register it with InControl 2 or must my reseller register on my behalf?
You can register by signing up for an inControl 2 account and adding your devices.

My Device is already registered on the previous version of InControl. Do I need to register it again to use InControl 2?
Yes. The new version is completely separate from the old. If you have a large number of devices to migrate, open a ticket with Peplink support. We will do our best to help.

How much does InControl 2 Cost?
If your devices are in-warranty running Firmware 6.1 and above (or Firmware 3.4.1 and above for AP One), InControl 2 is free of charge. For out-warranty devices, 1-year and 2-year InControl 2 subscription are also available for selective devices on our online cart. InControl 2 subscription includes access to InControl 2 and firmware upgrades. They do not include warranty protection.

I have added my device, but InControl 2 shows it as offline. It isn’t. What gives?
InControl 2 will show an online device as inactive if it is out of warranty and without InControl 2 subscription. If you actually have an InControl 2 subscription, try performing a ping test from your device to If you succeed, and the device does not appear online on InControl 2, you can reach out to our friendly an active user forums.

What does each of the different user roles mean?
Dashboard Viewer: These users can only for view the organization dashboard. Useful for publicly accessible accounts.
Group Viewer: These users can read information for the specified group, but cannot make changes.
Group Administrator: These users can access the specified group, reading and making changes.
Organization Viewer: These users can read information for the entire organization, but cannot make changes.
Organization Administrator: These users can access the entire organization, reading and making changes.

What happens to my data after my InControl 2 subscription expires?
Although your device won’t appear online after expiration, you will still be able to access your previous device reports.

How do I configure my firewall such that InControl 2 traffic can make it through?
Please enable traffic for udp port 5246 and tcp port 443.

System Requirements

To be managed by InControl 2, all devices must be in-warranty or applied with InControl 2 subscription. Your devices will also need to be running Firmware 6.1 and above (or Firmware 3.4.1 and above for AP One).

You can learn more about requirements and supported devices on the InControl 2 Requirements page.