FusionHub Solo

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SpeedFusion technology needs at least two SpeedFusion devices/peers to work. But what if you only have a single device? Enter the FusionHub Solo! With this license, you can take full advantage of SpeedFusion using just one Peplink device. Best of all, it is free of charge and permanent.
The FushionHub Solo brings SpeedFusion to your mobile or small branch office without the need for additional hardware. Install it in your cloud service of choice, and experience unbreakable connectivity and unparalleled speed with bandwidth bonding!


Set Up SpeedFusion Technology in a Single Branch

FushionHub Solo can bring SpeedFusion to a single branch, without the need for additional hardware. You’ll be able to access all your applications and resources, with all of the advantages of Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, including hot failover for an unbreakable connection and our bonding technology for unparalleled speed!


Bonding to Any Cloud

FusionHub gives you unbridled freedom and control over your virtual appliance. In addition to being self-deployed and self-managed, you’re able to choose any supported cloud provider and data center location you’d like!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Could FusionHub Solo be installed in any cloud environment, even public clouds?
FusionHub Solo runs on nearly all mainstream virtual machine software including VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VirtualBox, and Microsoft Hyper-V. Cloud platforms supported include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine, Microsoft Azure and Vultr. Installation guides can be found here.

Q2. Can FusionHub Solo be installed to multiple cloud environment?
You can install fusionhub on any supported cloud platform. However, you will be limited to one complimentary license. For multiple simultaneous instances or connecting multiple routers, you would need to purchase additional licenses.

Q3. Which model of router will support FusionHub Solo?
Basically all Peplink machines. But some of the models do not support SpeedFusion Hot Failover / SpeedFusion bonding.

Q4. How to download FusionHub Solo?
1. Log into InControl and access the “Warranty and License” page. < See Screenshot >
2. Under the FusionHub Licenses tab, click “Acquire FushionHub License”. < See Screenshot >
3. Select the “Solo License” option. < See Screenshot >

Q5. Does FusionHub Solo support only one peer?
Yes. The idea is to allow customers who own just a single Peplink router also to have the capability to enjoy SpeedFusion SD-WAN technologies.

Q6. Does FusionHub Solo have any bandwidth limitation?
There is no bandwidth limitation.

FusionHub Solo Requirements

Minimum Requirement of VM Host Hardware:
  • Intel Core i3 or above

  • Minimum Requirements of VM instance:
  • 512MB Ram
  • 2GB HDD

  • Recommendation AWS EC2 Instance:
  • t2.micro