Supercharged Connectivity – Our New Tagline

We are excited to announce our new tagline “Supercharged Connectivity“. We feel that our new tagline better resonates with a wider audience and appeals to general users who are simply looking for improved connectivity.

While “Unbreakable Connectivity” was a strong message, it was primarily aimed at customers who require mission-critical connectivity. With “Supercharged Connectivity“, we aim to deliver our values to a much larger market and provide better connectivity to our customers.

We understand that most customers already have a primary connection, be it cable, cellular (4G/5G) or Starlink, but they need to make it better to protect their important apps, such as Teams, Zoom and VOIP calls. That’s where we come in, with our solutions that supercharge your connection, to make it more reliable and faster.

Please note that “Unbreakable Connectivity” and “Supercharged Connectivity” are not conflicting messages. They are addressing different market segments. “Unbreakable Connectivity” is aimed at high-end customers demanding mission critical connectivity, while “Supercharged Connectivity” is aimed at small-to-medium customers looking for better, essential connectivity. We will continue to use both taglines at appropriate times.

We hope this will better convey our commitment to providing you with the best possible connectivity solutions.


The Peplink Team