In the construction industry, like many others, a severe shortage of manpower has become a pressing issue. The industry faces a significant lack of young workers due to the dangers of on-site work and the normalization of long working hours. In response to these challenges, the adoption of advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, 5G, and drones has gained attention. However, construction sites frequently encounter limitations in their communication infrastructure, with the establishment of dependable networks at temporary locations posing a major hurdle.

Construction Industry

To address these issues, Peplink’s Multi-SIM routers have been introduced to construction sites. Through the utilization of Peplink Multi-SIM routers, coupled with the unique SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding technology, it becomes feasible to minimize disruptions to the environment and enhance network stability. The inclusion of InControl 2, Peplink’s cloud-based endpoint management system, empowers remote control and management of routers. This facilitates the real-time sharing of data between remote work sites equipped with sensors, cameras, drones, or robots, and the central office, resulting in a significant enhancement of construction project efficiency.

Furthermore, InTouch facilitates centralized management of IP-based devices, such as surveillance cameras and PCs connected to the router. This directly addresses the issues of workforce shortages and engineering deficits on construction sites, ultimately leading to increased operational efficiency. Peplink’s Multi-SIM router emerges as a promising solution to mitigate labor shortages and streamline operations in the construction industry.