Peplink and M2M Connectivity to lead wireless 5G charge in Australia

29 March 2021 – Peplink, a connectivity company specialized in enabling highly resilient and scalable networks anywhere, and M2M Connectivity, a reputable Australian IoT firm, will enter into a partnership with a view to accelerating the uptake of high-speed 5G wireless networks in Australia.

In this partnership, M2M Connectivity will act as the master distributor of Peplink across Australia and New Zealand, with the aim of building a new network of channel partners across the region. Peplink develops a wide range of solutions that combine multiple sources of WAN, including 5G and LTE, to provide “unbreakable” connectivity. Enterprises can utilize Peplink’s speed and reliability to enable a constant stream of data traffic in network branches anywhere, including in vehicles or ships, at a fraction of
the cost of private fixed-line or satellite options.

On top of that, Peplink’s solutions are managed through the cloud, allowing organisations to efficiently deploy and manage any number of branches rapidly.

With the fast-paced rollout of the 5G network in Australia, Peplink is delighted to have M2M Connectivity as a partner to help enterprises in the region transition from fixed-line to dedicated ‘always on’ wireless 5G networks.

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink, said: “Australia is ahead of the curve when it comes to the rollout of 5G networks. We believe that with the right technology, enterprises in the region can lead the world in the adoption of high-speed wireless technology – powering all aspects of their operations.

As a company specialized in connectivity solutions for industrial, remote, and vehicle-focused environments, M2M Connectivity deeply understands the value that Peplink can bring to their customers. We look forward to working with M2M Connectivity to grow our presence and reputation in the region,” adds Keith.

Australian enterprises are actively looking to make the switch to 5G and move away from traditional fixed line solutions. With our new partnership with Peplink, we believe we can facilitate and speed-up this transition – delivering high-speed networks that are reliable, fast and can be implemented from day one,” says Darren Moroney, Director at M2M Connectivity.

What attracted us to Peplink is that their technology is able to provide fast and reliable connectivity through SpeedFusion by combining the bandwidth of multiple WAN connections and seamless failover between WAN links. When combined with the added security features integrated into their routers, like intrusion detection and DoS prevention, it is a very compelling and capable offering,” adds Darren.

Under the agreement, M2M Connectivity will distribute SD-WAN devices with robust wireless capabilities, including the MBX, SDX, EPX as well as the Balance series – designed for organisations of any size. M2M Connectivity will also provide channel partners access to training and professional consulting services to ensure the smooth implementation and rollout of Peplink solutions.

About Peplink: Peplink is the leader in SD-WAN solutions. Peplink’s SpeedFusion SD-WAN routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from varied industries to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. Our complete product line includes models for businesses of all sizes and provides an award-winning Internet experience for customers.

About M2M Connectivity: M2M Connectivity, a Sierra Wireless Company – We provide IoT expertise and technology that helps power industries, improve lives, and paves the way for the next generation of wireless innovation. We make wireless work anywhere.