Law Enforcement Vehicles on the Lookout for Unbreakable Connectivity


  • Public safety departments are often required to adhere to specific criteria and standards when picking the hardware for their network infrastructure.
  • Pairing Peplink’s Transit Duo Pro and Slim 40G antenna offers a secure and non-intrusive connectivity option for law enforcement vehicles.
  • The BR2 Pro and HD1 Dome Pro deliver powerful mission-critical connectivity suitable for larger first responder vehicles.

Public safety networks play a crucial role in ensuring effective communication and coordination for law enforcement agencies, emergency responders, and other public safety organizations. Needing to adhere to specific criteria and standards, the network infrastructure must meet more than just reliability. Public safety networks often need to be non-intrusive, operate within designated frequency bands, and maintain a low-profile appearance to blend seamlessly with the vehicles used by these organizations.

First Look at First Responder Connectivity

A law enforcement department was seeking to equip their vehicles with reliable connectivity. Already in contact with a Peplink partner, initial discussions pointed towards the HD1 Dome Pro. Having the router and antenna together in a single enclosure ensured discretion. Additionally, its wide range of specific band access, including Band 14 for FirstNet, provides exclusive usage of dedicated bands for first responder networks. The Dome also offers the advantage of being painted in any color preferred to blend seamlessly with the department’s vehicles.

For an interior router alternative, the BR2 Pro was considered for its slim enclosure. With dual 5G cellular modems, this device allows the law enforcement vehicles to leverage the coverage of 2 different cellular carriers as well as function within specific bands such as Band 14.

However, their fleet operates on a hire basis, which meant modifications such as drilling holes for antenna installation were inadvisable. Additionally, traditional infrastructure requiring extensive cabling and a lot of space were not suitable due to each vehicle’s limited space. Therefore, a more compact and low-profile network solution was essential to ensure effective connectivity without compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity.

Wanting to explore Peplink’s other offerings, the Transit Duo Pro emerged as an ideal choice for the law enforcement department. Being small in both height and width made it convenient to integrate within the vehicle’s physical constraints. It also features dual cellular modems and specific band access, including FirstNet, to avoid congested public networks and enable secure connectivity while on the move. 

The Slim 40G antenna was selected as the Transit Duo Pro’s companion to enhance connectivity without requiring any permanent modifications to the vehicle. Non-intrusive to the vehicle, this antenna can be easily installed in the interior, whether on the window, wall, or under the dashboard. Not to be deceived by its slender shape, the Slim 40G operates across a wide frequency range, delivering high-gain signal reception and ensuring reliable connections even in demanding environments.

With compact and non-intrusive hardware, Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology enables seamless communication, file transfers, and other critical operations without compromising the integrity of the law enforcement vehicles. By utilizing Hot Failover with the Transit Duo Pro’s dual cellular modems, coverage and network access are not an issue when moving from one location to another. 

Despite not meeting the physical requirements of the current vehicles, the HD1 Dome Pro and BR2 Pro demonstrate powerful potential for larger law enforcement or first responder vehicles, such as vans and mobile command centers.