HPUE in Action with Peplink

Recently, Peplink announced they are working with Assured Wireless to create a FirstNet MegaRange solution. By combining SpeedFusion technology and HPUE (High Power User Equipment) enabled devices, first responders can achieve the best connection anytime, anywhere.

The following is an HPUE deployment with a Peplink device. This setup can be mounted onto a public safety or emergency vehicle for a mobile connection. It can also be installed in a fixed location for better indoor signal. 

Getting to Know the Technology

The AW12, Assured Wireless’ new HPUE capable USB modem, uses patented HPUE technology in order to enhance network coverage range and data speeds. Found in this modem are three cellular antenna connectors and one GPS connector. While two cellular antenna connectors are for LTE MIMO, AW12 dedicates its third connector to Band 14. Through this connector, signals are filtered through a low noise amplifier that result in Class 1 power, at 31 dBm. 

Other than these connectors, it also features a USB connector for data. The USB connector can be directly linked to devices that are USB modem compatible. In this deployment, a cable connects the type-C USB connector of the AW12 to the type-A USB connector of one of Peplink’s routers, either MAX or Balance series. 

Peplink as Part of the Solution

All routers part of the MAX and Balance series can enable SpeedFusion Technologies to address different networking needs. For instance, Hot Failover will seamlessly shift any ongoing session to another connection when the primary one fails. In other words, a video call can continue without disturbance despite a connection drop.

On top of SpeedFusion, the MAX and Balance series are also supported by InControl, Peplink’s cloud-based endpoint management system. This allows users to manage their devices remotely, all on a single screen. In addition, InControl aggregates data network information to generate easy-to-read reports.

With an HPUE setup such as this, users benefit from not only the quickest speeds and farthest range, but they won’t have to worry about connection drops. Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology allows for seamless Hot Failover between all connections ensuring unbreakable connectivity anytime, anywhere. 

Peplink announces our joint efforts with Assured Wireless to create a FirstNet MegaRange solution. Combining SpeedFusion with HPUE, this solution is exclusively available on Band 14 and supports the mission critical needs of emergency first responders and public safety units.

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