BR1 Pro 5G

8 reasons why it should be your choice

28 July 2022 – Good news everyone! We’re adjusting the price of our BR1 Pro 5G in a very favorable way to our customers. Bringing 5G into your network has never been easier. 

Watch our video to find out why the BR1 Pro 5G might be the right device for you.

How to get C Band support on Peplink 5G Routers?

All Peplink 5G-H routers are equipped with the necessary hardware to support the C-band spectrum. While these products are already certified on all major US carriers, there are some additional certifications needed to achieve C-Band support. We are waiting for the underlying 5G module supplier to finalize the firmware and certifications needed to open this band up for our products. Once these requirements have been completed, we will make a cellular firmware upgrade available for applicable devices.

**Only the -5GH models can support C-Band in the US.

Once the update is available, you can easily use InControl for over the air bulk updates, or use the Web Admin to update devices individually.

[Method 1] For upgrading cellular firmware, either in bulk or individually, via InControl:

How to get C Band support on Peplink 5G Routers

[Method 2] To update the firmware for devices through the Web Admin, visit HERE for detailed steps.

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