Compact LTE Router. Dedicated for M2M Deployments

The MAX BR1 M2M is compact (1.1 x 3.8 x 4.8 inches), and tough enough to be placed anywhere. It features a 9-pin serial connector for easy and durable M2M connectivity. Also, it can be remotely monitored and managed using InControl 2 Cloud management, saving service trips.

M2M Specialist 4G LTE Mobile Router MAX BR1 M2M #2
M2M Specialist 4G LTE Mobile Router MAX BR1 M2M #2

Redundant SIM Slots for Multiple Carriers

Redundant SIM slots with automatic switching for reliable network. This is particularly useful for remote deployments where connectivity to any given carrier is unreliable. You can also set the MAX M2M mobile router to automatically switch SIM cards when you’re in danger of exceeding a data cap.

Use Cases





  1. Connect your device to the BR1 M2M’s RS232 Serial port.
  2. The cable connection can failover to cellular.
  3. Establish a virtual COM port at headquarters to monitor and control the device connected to the BR1 M2M’s port.

Small but Sturdy

Wide Temperature Range

Device has as a wide temperature range (-40° to +149°F / -40° to +65°C) and can be deployed in even the harshest environments.

Din-Rail Mountable

Install your BR1 M2M in minutes with just a screwdriver. It attaches directly to any DIN rail for quick and secure deployment in utility boxes and other locations.

Hot Failover

In case of a WAN failure, SpeedFusion Technology powers the MAX BR1 M2M for instant failover between cellular and Ethernet WAN.

9-pin serial connector

BR1 M2M also  features a 9-pin serial connector for easy and durable M2M connectivity.

M2M Specialist 4G LTE Mobile Router MAX BR1 M2M #7

IoT Ready

With the BR1 M2M you also get all the building blocks of SDN for the future Internet of Things: third party integration, API, and automation. As the IOT evolves, you can be confident your router will be ready.

Fast Setup & Cloud Management

The BR1 M2M has a straightforward and accessible interface. Anyone can get it up and running — no background in IT needed. Plus, the BR1 M2M cloud management capabilities make large-scale management a breeze. You can monitor and manage hundreds of devices on a single screen. Choose from on-premise or public cloud options.

M2M Specialist 4G LTE Mobile Router MAX BR1 M2M #8
    SoftwarePepwave MAX Firmware
    WANSupport for PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP
    WAN Link Health Check
    Bandwidth Allowance Monitor
    Support for Dynamic DNS services
    WAN Port Convertible into LAN Port

    LANDHCP Server for LAN Clients
    Extended DHCP Option
    DHCP Reservation
    DNS Proxy for LAN Clients
    VLAN on LAN Support
    SecurityStateful Firewall
    DoS Prevention
    Web Blocking
    Complete VPN SolutionSpeedFusion VPN/SpeedFusion
    -Hot Failover
    -Site-to-Site VPN
    -Hot Failover
    -256-bit AES Encryption
    -Pre-shared Key Authentication
    IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network)^
    Advanced QoS Individual Bandwidth Limit
    Application Prioritization
    -Custom Application QoS
    NetworkingNAT and IP Forwarding
    Static Routes
    Port Forwarding
    Many to One, One to One NAT
    NAT Pool
    SIP ALG, H.323 ALG
    Captive PortalSupport for Wired and Wireless LAN clients
    Support RADIUS Authentication
    Time and Usage Quotas on Open Access Mode
    Built-in Customizable Splash Page
    Device ManagementWeb Administrative Interface
    Command Line Interface
    InControl Cloud Management
    Email Notification
    Active Client & Session Lists
    Bandwidth Usage Statistics
    Syslog Service
    SNMP v1, v2c and v3

    ^   IPsec VPN supports connection with Cisco, Juniper, Peplink, or Pepwave devices.

  • Product CodeRegion | CarrierEmbedded Modem 4G Bands3G Bands
    14G LTE:
    B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B38 (TDD), B40(TDD), B41 (TDD)
    B1, B5, B8


    Product Code Product Name
    PVN-LC-05 Enables up to 5 SpeedFusion VPN peers
    MAX-BR1-ADV   Advanced Feature Pack
    MAX-LC-DIM Drop-in Mode for MAX BR1 Series
    SVL-799 1-Year EssentialCare for MAX BR1 M2M LTE
    SVL-699 2-Year EssentialCare for MAX BR1 M2M LTE
    ICS-012 1-Year InControl 2 Subscription
    ICS-024 2-Year InControl 2 Subscription
    ECP-MAX-BR1-M2M-1Y EssentialCare+ (1-Year) for MAX BR1 M2M
    ECP-MAX-BR1-M2M-2Y EssentialCare+ (2-Year) for MAX BR1 M2M
    ECP-MAX-BR1-M2M-4Y EssentialCare+ (4-Year) for MAX BR1 M2M


    • MAX BR1 M2M
    • 12V2A 4-Pin Power Supply (ACW-632)
    • 1x Mounting Kit (ACW-736)
    • 2x LTE Antennas (ACW-813)