Peplink Online Policy Update

Last Updated: 07th August 2021

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This Page displays policy updates that notify users of important changes to Peplink Online Policies. Please go to ‘Past Policy Updates” to view previous policy updates.

All updates contained herein are effective on 07th August 2021 (GST). By using Peplink Service or Products, you agree to the updated terms and conditions contained herein. 

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Standard Hardware/Software Warranty Policy

For clarifying our obligations, we add the Peplink Intellectual Property Indemnity and revise the limitation of liability clause. 

Peplink InControl, SpeedFusion Cloud, FusionSIM Agreement

We have changed the name of the Peplink InControl, SpeedFusion Cloud, FusionSIM, Wi-Fi Service Agreement. The new name of this Agreement is the Peplink InControl, SpeedFusion Cloud, FusionSIM Agreement. Accordingly, we have removed the parts relating to Wi-Fi Service. 

Please see the section “USE OF SERVICES” at the start of using the Peplink Services for more information about the scope and their respective rights and obligations, including regulatory compliance and suspensive, covered by the agreement.

We are updating the data collection policy and limitation of liability clause.

We add exclusions of indemnity regarding Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth and GPS.