Warehouse Specialists Inc, USA

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Warehouse Specialists Inc. is one of the largest third-party logistics (3PL) companies in the United States. They have over 45 locations with a total of 14 million square ft. of facilities nationwide.

Warehouse Specialists MPLS replacement #2


Warehouse Specialists Inc. relies heavily on inter-connectivity between all warehouses to deliver reliable, integrated logistics that allow them to increase efficiency and reduce costs for a wide range of customers. A MPLS network that costs thousands of dollars per month was installed to establish their warehouse network. However, the MPLS had an inherent design flaw.

Jason set out to find a MPLS replacement solution that could connect all the warehouses using multiple ISP links and reduce recurring monthly costs. When evaluating his network hardware options, Jason quickly realized that he would have to hire a system integrator for setup and maintenance, making upfront costs extremely expensive. Other options offered only limited device functionality, and would have needed to deploy multiple appliances at each location to meet his requirements.

“When our expensive MPLS service fails, our entire warehouse logistics network is offline and that really hurts our business,”

Jason Lamine, Network Services Manager.


Jason ultimately decided on the Peplink Balance series. “It offered a cost effective all-in-one solution,” Jason explained. “With the Peplink Balance,we’re able to utilize multiple low cost Internet services and realize 100% network uptime while dramatically cutting our monthly expenses.” Using multiple links with the Peplink Site-to-Site VPN Bonding feature, service failures are detected automatically and traffic is switched to a healthy service, achieving the highest network reliability possible.

Warehouse Specialists MPLS replacement #3

Warehouse Specialists Inc. installed two Peplink Balance 710 at its headquarters in high availability mode, and deployed the Peplink Balance 380 at branch sites to establish its network. Jason was very impressed with the easy to use Web Admin UI of the Peplink Balance, and configuration was so straight forward that the whole setup process was done in-house without any need for a system integrator.

Your company is well established and feels very close knit and personable. It’s amazing to find such a great product backed by such a responsive company. Kudos to everyone at Peplink!”

Jason Lamine, Network Services Manager.
Warehouse Specialists MPLS replacement #4


As a result of installing Peplink Balance routers to replace their existing MPLS, Warehouse Specialists Inc. has seen instant benefits from the ultimate reliability of automatic failover between multiple Internet links, and they have reduced their monthly recurring network expenses by more than 50%.