The Karel Foundation Rolls Out Peplink for Train Rides

The Karel Foundation from Drunen, Netherlands aims to preserve industrial cultural heritage, specifically historic railway equipment. Since 2020 and with permission from ProRail, they have been operating special charter train rides for private groups and enterprises. All proceeds from the Karel Foundation’s rides support not only the train’s preservation and maintenance, but the Dutch Cancer Society.


The Karel Foundation has been attracting attention, even from broadcasters such as Radio Veronica and Radio4, who have broadcasted from their train. Additionally, companies have shown interest in streaming events or requiring a reliable internet connection during the journey. Through contacts at these broadcasting companies, the Karel Foundation discovered Peplink and Frontier BV. Discussions were underway to find a fast and stable network solution.


With Frontier BV’s advice, a MAX HD4 was deployed. Though a relatively older model, this device was selected for the powerful performance it displayed during its first test ride with the Karel Foundation. The chosen router houses 4 different cellular connections for ultimate coverage while in transit, while the enclosure comes with features and certifications that secure its installation on trains.

The MAX HD4 was paired with 2 of Peplink’s Mobility 40G antennas. The antennas’ high-gain and better signal reception capabilities further extend the range and coverage of the network on board. Also, these antennas mitigate signal interference resulting in a more stable connection for the Karel Foundation train. 

”In a highly pleasant collaboration, a choice was made for equipment and antennas that work very well. There have been several trips where these connections were used, and they ran smoothly.”

Dennis Münninghoff, Chairman of the the Karel Foundation


This setup proved to provide more than enough bandwidth available along the entire route, which covers a large area of central and western Netherlands. The connection was stable enough to set up an online live stream on board the train.

The permanent solution on the train has further garnered requests from more parties to ride on with the Karel Foundation. Despite a rough start due to the pandemic, the Karel Foundation was able to fundraise and donate €41 000 to the Dutch Cancer Society, and is now confident in its growth during these coming years. 

“We expect that in 2024, the number of trips will increase purely because we can offer more in this area than other charter trains. And that’s only good for DCS, as they benefit from every trip we make.”

Dennis Münninghoff, Chairman of the the Karel Foundation



  • Deployed on the train
  • Leverages 4 cellular connections
  • Certified for transportation deployments

Mobility 40G

  • Attached to the MAX HD4
  • High-gain for less interference
  • Operates within ultrawide bandwidth