Retail Financing Company Finds Gains in Peplink Network Upgrade

A retail financing company in South East Asia was looking for an alternative solution to their current MPLS infrastructure. Facing increasing costs and unreliable connectivity, they turned to a Peplink partner for a network upgrade.


This retail financing company operates through a single headquarters and 5 branches. Their original network was heavily reliant on only MPLS. However, they found this to be unreliable at times, causing them to seek an SD-WAN solution as they require minimal downtime. This company wanted a new network that would have an automatic failover in place. 

They were also seeking an alternative network solution to reduce operational costs, as they found MPLS expensive. At the same time, this company wanted to keep the network infrastructure as simple as possible. 


Our Peplink Partner in the region came up with a new SD-WAN infrastructure for this retail financing company. At the head office, SDX routers were installed and connected to the servers. UBR LTE routers were then deployed to the branches, each equipped with both wired and cellular connection.

SpeedFusion tunnels were formed between each branch and the head office using the Peplink devices. The retail financing company maximized these by using Bandwidth Bonding to combine the bandwidth of available connections. Simultaneously, Hot Failover seamlessly switches activity between links when the primary one fails.


Soon enough, the retail financing company’s concern for downtime disappeared. Their worrisome MPLS network infrastructure was replaced with an unbreakable SD-WAN solution. This led to a decrease in both downtime and expenses, no longer having to rely on just MPLS. Additionally, the retail financing company was well pleased with SpeedFusion’s capabilities and the additional security it brought to their network. 



  • Deployed to the head office of the retail financing company
  • Acts as one endpoint to enable SpeedFusion technologies
  • Customizable for choice of ports with interchangeable modules


  • Installed in the company’s branch offices
  • All-in-one WAN solution with built-in traffic steering
  • Affordable router with plug-and-play installation for cost-savings