Regionally Owned Bank Invests in a Peplink and Telco Deployed Network

A dependable network is essential for institutions that operate daily with confidential data such as banks. A regionally owned bank in Asia wanted to build a network between their head office, branches, and ATMs. They turned to a Peplink partner for help to bring connectivity to up to a hundred branches and ATMs each.


For each of the locations under this regionally owned bank, they prepared specific requirements. Regardless of their location, they needed to utilize their WANs to carry data to and from different areas. At the head office, they needed a router that could be easily connected to the internal network.

For branches, they wanted to set up devices that could link to at least 2 LTE connections. Similarly, they wanted the ATMs to also have at least 1 LTE connection. The regionally owned bank wanted to leverage LTE connectivity instead of using just VSAT connectivity, which they found was piling up costs. 


To ensure only the most reliable solution, our Peplink partner teamed up with the leading digital telco company in the area. They integrated the Balance 210 at the head office using an out-of-path deployment to avoid changing the existing network. The router is plugged into the existing core switch of the regionally owned bank and is connected using internet links from existing providers.

At each branch, MAX HD2 routers were installed, with 2 SIMs from the digital telco company. The same was done, inserting 1 SIM, for the MAX BR1 routers at each ATM. They established SpeedFusion Tunnels between the branches and the head office, as well as the ATMs and the head office. Bandwidth Bonding was enabled for the HD2 routers in branches, while Hot Failover for the BR1 devices. 


After a series of configurations and tests, the regionally owned bank reported a significant increase in uptime. Hot Failover ensured traffic was seamlessly transferred between LTE and VSAT for ATMs, while Bandwidth Bonding supported all the high-bandwidth applications taking place in the branches. Thanks to this new network designed by our partner and telco company, the regionally owned bank operates more confidently.


Balance 210

  • Integrated into the head office with the internal network
  • Connected to the internal network of the bank
  • Establishes SpeedFusion Tunnels with other locations


  • Installed in the branch offices
  • Equipped with 2 SIMs from the digital telco company
  • Uses Bandwidth Bonding to support high-bandwidth office applications


  • Deployed to the ATMs
  • Enables Hot Failover to seamlessly switch between LTE and VSAT connectivity 
  • Small form factor to fit in ATMs