Mytilineos. Wireless SD-WAN Solution for the Energy Sector. Greece

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Mytilineos Holdings is one of Greece’s leading industrial conglomerates. They take on projects in engineering and construction, metallurgy, mining and energy in over 15 countries around the world.

“Peplink helped us to create reliable connectivity while keeping cost under control. With many users and sites to manage, Peplink proved to be a reliable, flexible and cost-efficient solution”

-Michael Golias, IT Director. Mytilineos Group.
Mytilineos - SD-WAN for the Energy Sector #2


With a mix of branch offices and remote sites in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, all with varying bandwidth quality, a cost-effective easy way was needed to provision them, as well as connect them back to the headquarters. The combination of these factors created a complex challenge for Mytilineos, especially when it came to centrally managing these sites.


Peplink partner NSS together with XMI Services proposed Peplink’s SD-WAN technology to Mytilineos. Hybrid WAN allowed for the mixing of a range of connections such as ADSL, leased lines, satellite and 3G / 4G LTE cellular connections. WAN Virtualization technology combined these connections to create high bandwidth networks even at sites that previously only had limited connectivity options. With Peplink, centrally managing every site is now possible through the SD-WAN controller – Incontrol 2.

Mytilineos - SD-WAN for the Energy Sector #3
Mytilineos - SD-WAN for the Energy Sector #4


With the Peplink SD-WAN solution in place, Mytilineos now has the ability to maintain a persistent encrypted connection between branches, remote sites and headquarters. Construction sites located in remote areas with very limited bandwidth also greatly benefit from bonding multiple cellular connections. Peplink’s SpeedFusion meant that Mytilineos was able to adhere to their SLA which would otherwise have been impossible. At the same time, critical applications benefit from a highly resilient network with a high bandwidth at greatly reduced connectivity costs. OPEX has also been reduced due to the efficiency at which they can centrally manage their entire network.