MSP Retires MPLS Network for SD-WAN Setup

A South-American managed service provider (MSP) acts as the central processing unit for several locations of a retirement agency. They are responsible for ensuring network stability and security at low costs. With their MPLS network reaching the end of its contract, the MSP was looking for an SD-WAN replacement. 


The MSP’s original network with the retirement agency consisted of up to two connectivity channels in an active-passive mode. However, these connections were not set up to instantly fail over from one line to another. This exposed the network to some downtime.

With the MPLS network, the MSP also found that their bandwidths would often fluctuate, resulting in a less consistent and unstable network. They wanted the upcoming SD-WAN solution to bring increased bandwidths to each site, while maintaining security.


After reaching out to a Peplink partner, the MSP’s SD-WAN network upgrade was in the works. At the central hub, they deployed pairs of SDX Pros in high-availability mode. For smaller locations, Balance 380Xs were installed in high-availability mode, while pairs of Balance 20Xs were brought to larger branches.

The Balance series was chosen for its load balancing capabilities to help fine-tune traffic flow across the network. SpeedFusion tunnels were also established between the central hub and all sites to activate SpeedFusion Technologies such as Hot Failover and Bandwidth Bonding. 


By incorporating multiple connections in the network, the MSP was able to activate SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding. This aggregated the available channels and introduced large bandwidth capacity at each site.

Additionally, the high-availability installation paired with Hot Failover meant that any ongoing sessions in the network remained online despite the primary link dropping. All traffic was seamlessly transferred to another available connection. 

Furthermore, the SDX Pros present the MSP with a long-lasting network as the modules can be interchanged to suit the connectivity options they prefer. And the Balance 380X and Balance 20X are both upgradable with their respective FlexModule Mini slots. After experiencing the reliability and stability of the network firsthand, the retirement agency was so pleased that they signed on this MSP and network infrastructure for the next few years. 



  • Deployed in the MSP’s central hub in high-availability mode
  • 24 Gbps throughput for high-bandwidth use
  • Interchangeable modules for different connectivity options

Balance 380X

  • Installed in medium to large locations in high-availability mode
  • Network failover for network resilience
  • Upgradable with the FlexModule Mini

Balance 20X

  • Placed in smaller branches in high-availability mode
  • Expandable with the FlexModule Mini 
  • Low-cost router within the series for affordable deployment