Command Vehicle Fuels Mobile Connectivity with Peplink

Fire departments deploy a command vehicle as a mobile centralized command post during emergencies for personnel to coordinate operations efficiently. Ranging from vans to trucks, these vehicles are often equipped with advanced communication systems and tools to help with operations.

Internet connectivity is crucial for a command vehicle to enable access to real-time information, whether for mapping and navigation, situational awareness, or incident documentation. Additionally, connectivity facilitates seamless communications when seeking remote support or collaborating with other departments and agencies. 


A European branch of an international humanitarian organization sought to incorporate mission-critical connectivity into their fire department’s command vehicle. They needed to build their infrastructure from scratch as they wanted to deploy a router that would provide connectivity for the command vehicle, but also be able to connect to a central station.

The organization also intended to establish enough Wi-Fi coverage across a specific area to allow other on-site personnel to use various devices. They expressed their preference of not having additional routers for this, to maintain one network and to avoid high costs.


For the command vehicle, a European Peplink partner recommended the BR2 Pro to the organization. The BR2 Pro was outfitted with dual SIM cards from different carriers to optimize coverage availability while in motion. At the central station, a Balance 20X, providing both cabled connectivity and LTE as a backup. The two Peplink routers were then interconnected to form a secure SpeedFusion tunnel.

To ensure sufficient Wi-Fi coverage across the designated outdoor area, a Wi-Fi mesh network was set up. This involved connecting an AP One AX access point to the BR2 Pro using an Ethernet cable. Additionally, in an open space where the command vehicle is frequently stationed, another AP One AX was installed on a fixed base.


By incorporating AP One AX access points into the solution, seamless roaming is facilitated for wireless devices connected to the network. The Wi-Fi mesh support ensures that these devices can move between the coverage areas without experiencing connectivity loss. Without needing to invest in additional routers, this helped the department save on infrastructure.

On top of the on-site connectivity this solution provides, the SpeedFusion tunnel built between the command vehicle and central station allows the mobile unit to conveniently use SpeedFusion technologies. For large data transfers to the central station, Bandwidth Bonding guarantees enough bandwidth by aggregating different active connections. Meanwhile, Traffic Steering is employed to prioritize critical applications during emergency situations, ensuring they receive prioritized access to available bandwidth.


Balance 20X

  • Installed in the central station
  • Ethernet connectivity with LTE backup
  • Established a SpeedFusion tunnel with the BR2 Pro


  • Deployed to the command vehicle for dual 5G cellular connectivity
  • Utilizes SpeedFusion technologies for seamless operations
  • Slim form factor for vehicles


  • Connected to the BR2 Pro with Ethernet cable
  • Provides Wi-Fi 6 connectivity
  • Enables Wi-Fi mesh network for wider coverage