Clinton National Bank, USA

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Originally entering business in 1865, Clinton National is one of the first financial institutions in the State of Iowa, US.

Clinton National ran on a MPLS T1 circuit between 9 branch locations. There was no redundancy nor the ability to transfer large amounts of data. To do that, they had to use data storage tapes and then transport them to offsite locations.

“We need a fast and reliable method to connect our branches into our existing MPLS network as well as a backup connection should the MPLS fail.”

Kevin Ross, Information Technology Officer, Clinton National Bank.
Clinton National Bank Branch Networking #2


The challenge they face is the high costs involved in upgrading their MPLS network both in terms of size and bandwidth. It has also become critical that they find an affordable way to create connection resilience. Having branches go offline could mean loss of revenue and customer confidence.


A Peplink Balance 580 is deployed at each of their 2 largest branches, with one serving as the production datacenter and one as a backup disaster recovery site. Bonding bandwidth from multiple affordable high speed connections, they are now able to securely replicate data between the 2 datacenters at full speed. Other branches will have a Balance 210 and SpeedFusion runs through the entire network providing both bandwidth and resilience.

Clinton National Bank Branch Networking #3
Clinton National Bank Branch Networking #4


Clinton National now has exactly what they needed – speed and reliability. Peplink has helped them achieve 20/5 Mbps, up from 1.5Mbps. Previously, branches that had a substantial amount of profit taken up by network costs now have a ROI of a very short time period and enjoy savings on network costs every month.


Peplink SD WAN Internet Bonding Technology SpeedFusion.

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