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As the official medical group of the World Motorcycle Championship, Clinica Mobile has been providing medical services in the most prestigious race circuits for over 40 years. As such, the Clinica Mobile is a recognized institution among the motorcyclists all over the world.

Clinica Mobile Cellular Connectivity for Hospital on Wheels #2


With all the latest medical equipment fitted into a mobile truck, their hospital on wheels offers highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services. In addition, it is considered a second home by racers who can relax after hard practice, or recover from previous injuries in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Given all the roles this space fulfills, a high-quality, reliable, and stable connection is key for delivering the best medical service and for offering a more desirable stay to guests.

Clinica Mobile Cellular Connectivity for Hospital on Wheels #3


During the last Grand Prix at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, the Know IT Srl team equipped the Clinica Mobile’s hospital on wheels with a Balance 30 LTE. This router can effectively leverage the wired connections made available by the circuit while providing a backup solution via SIM cards thanks to the integrated 4G LTE modem. To prevent the free Internet service from affecting the bandwidth needed by medical staff, Peplink’s QoS recognizes different applications, users, or data flows and prioritizes them.

Clinica Mobile Cellular Connectivity for Hospital on Wheels #4


Thanks to Peplink, Clinica Mobile can now benefit from highly reliable connectivity. Racers can surf the Internet without incurring roaming fees, while Clinica Mobile staff can now manage the online booking of visits, record medical treatments in the cloud, and quickly share the information with local hospitals in emergencies.