Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Expand your Market in an Innovative Way

With mobile connectivity finding its way into various facets of enterprise workload, the addressable market for MVNO is no longer just consumers, but also enterprise productivity and IoT. Peplink offers the critical tools that empower MVNOs in these new frontiers, while keeping deployment and network management simple.

What Challenges does your Business Face as MVNO?

Constantly changing network conditions

Enterprise customers want reliability, But the unpredictable nature of mobile network conditions limits its adoption by enterprise customers.

Not having the right tool

Enterprise workload moves a lot of data, but wireless routers with basic failover cannot convince enterprise customers to adopt mobile as part of their edge networks.

Commoditized business

The MVNO business is highly competitive while price per bit continues to decline.

Peplink Offers

Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators #2

Combine all links to create differentiated services at efficient costs

With Peplink SD-WAN, the sum is more than its parts. Combine multiple mobile WAN links, whether LTE or 5G, to create a high-speed, high-reliability service at a low cost. Provide differentiated and value-adding services such as remote SIM card management, unbreakable data and simplified billing at a premium.

Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators #3

Enable new services with remotely managed SIM cards

Peplink’s FusionSIM allows MVNOs to remotely select and provision any SIM cards to compatible Peplink edge devices at any moment, making SIM card management hands-free. Provide the best wireless performance or optimize wireless network costs on behalf of customers.

Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators #4

Extend market reach, move more data

Peplink SD-WAN is easy to set up, deploy and manage. Tap into branch networks anywhere with solid enterprise grade connectivity powered by mobile connections. Enable new possibilities and greatly speed up deployment with the newfound freedom!

Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators #5

Full control and visibility

Full visibility over the network status at every branch. With just one click, remotely push updates and settings to all branch networks and clone settings to new branches, massively simplifying network deployment and management.

Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators #6

Peplink has all the tools you need

Peplink offers everything for the branch edge infrastructure. From powerful SD-WAN routers as CPEs, cloud management, to remote SIM management, MVNO can get it all from one single vendor.

Interested in Peplink Connectivity Solutions?

Technology Dedicated for MVNOs

Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators #7

SpeedFusion Cloud with Cellular Data

Devices under eligible data subscriptions can receive cellular data services from the Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud. SIM cards and data plans are virtually and remotely deployed to the devices from the SpeedFusion Cloud with Peplink’s technology.