Peplink for Public Safety with SpeedFusion

During mission critical moments, it is crucial for those working in public safety to maintain stable and continuous real-time communication. 

Two of the main connectivity challenges public safety units face are wireless network congestions and cellular dead zones. In developed areas where many are connected to the network, congestions result in packet losses and disrupted communications.

On the other hand, first responders in remote areas have to worry about dead zones where there is no connectivity. Because of this, Peplink developed SpeedFusion, a technology that keeps first responders connected anytime, anywhere. 

Public Safety and SpeedFusion Technologies 

The first technology made available through SpeedFusion is Hot Failover. SpeedFusion combines FirstNet and commercial LTE connections for full network coverage. This means that any commercial LTE network in the area covers those outside FirstNet’s coverage, minimizing dead zones.

With Hot Failover, open sessions are automatically and seamlessly transferred to another connection when the primary link goes down. This is a pivotal feature as first responders cannot afford downtime, even when travelling to a more remote location.

Another feature of SpeedFusion is InControl Virtual Appliance. InControl Virtual Appliance is Peplink’s cloud-based SD-WAN network management platform. This allows users to remotely access and manage different devices in the network.

Since public safety involves keeping private information secure, this on-premise solution allows them to retain complete control and security over their data. This crucial management tool can be hosted on any private network for full ownership to minimize chance of attack or theft of confidential data.

Recently announced, Peplink is collaborating with Assured Wireless to create a FirstNet MegaRange solution by combining SpeedFusion with HPUE. With this new solution, cellular coverage and signal penetration is greatly improved for public safety units. Simultaneously this solution ensures seamless switching among different connections when needed. 

Peplink announces our joint efforts with Assured Wireless to create a FirstNet MegaRange solution. Combining SpeedFusion with HPUE, this solution is exclusively available on Band 14 and supports the mission critical needs of emergency first responders.

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