Five Network Trends from Branch to Branch

Branch Edge | Enterprise Connectivity

Branch networks are present in several industries, but they often share common needs. Here are five present trends when it comes to branch networking.

Centralized and Remote Management

Despite the challenges brought, COVID-19 couldn’t stop all businesses from growing. It might even have made them stronger! Enterprises that know how to make use of a quality branch network system are the ones who thrive in these difficult times. With employees working from home and the business environment being uncertain, you should be able to manage all branches without a hitch from one location, be it the headquarters, a data center, or simply your home office. 

Enhanced Security 

Moving everything from the data center to the cloud is, in no doubt, more efficient and convenient, but is it safe? Gartner introduced the concept of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) in 2019. However, enterprises are still concerned about the cybersecurity of their branch networks in 2021. When cyberattacks only get more aggressive over time, it is time to review your current branch network infrastructure to make sure all your data and top business secrets are in good hands. 

Ready for 5G

More and more enterprises will be using 5G technology as it becomes more prominent and it enables rapid development of new branches. When it comes to connectivity, speed is not everything though. Other than using 5G, you also need to ensure that the network you are using is reliable anytime anywhere. 

Automation and AI Support

You may not need a robotic arm at your store to impress customers, but automating your services and using artificial intelligence will definitely add value to your business. By incorporating IoT-friendly devices into your network infrastructure, you will not only increase the efficiency and cut the cost of your branches in the long term, but also enhance the customer experience and upgrade your brand image. 

MPLS Replacement

We all know about the benefits of implementing SD-WAN solutions and the importance of replacing the expensive MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching). While fancy new technologies might seem like the perfect solution for your branch networking, it is easy for us to omit the fact that the hard part is the integration. Thus, other than looking for cool and cutting-edge devices, you may also consider the flexibility and versatility of the new solution.