Remote Learning and Collaboration Finds Support From SpeedFusion Cloud

Most scenarios that incorporate Peplink’s portfolio in their network are found in small to large industries such as retail, security, finance, and maritime. However, the versatility of Peplink routers provide network reliability and affordability to even just a single user. A graduate student moving between America and Europe discovers Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud while conducting his remote learning and research with IoT systems for his graduate program. 


While splitting his time between the US and Europe, the graduate student would be situated in relatively remote locations. His day-to-day activities would include attending lectures through Zoom, connecting to remote labs, and downloading docker images for local development.

These activities meant that he needed a network setup that kept him connected to the internet 24/7, which his current setup couldn’t achieve. His semi-off the grid locations often offered no fixed line WAN connections.

Additionally, the mobile networks at his locations were regarded as highly erratic. Realizing this, he needed a connectivity solution that would allow him to rely on 4G LTE connections with minimal downtime.


The graduate student’s mentor introduced him to Peplink’s devices. He purchased a MAX On-The-Go online for its small form factor, suitable for his solo and on-the-go needs. Additionally, he enabled the 100GB SpeedFusion Cloud trial available at the time.

Through SpeedFusion Cloud, the graduate student used Bandwidth Bonding to combine the available bandwidth of different connections from multiple providers. This allowed him to conduct his research and learning seamlessly.


After working through the 100GB, the graduate student found SpeedFusion Cloud invaluable. This led to a top up of another 2.5TB for the following year. The following year and with growing use, he wanted to upgrade to a stronger device that would achieve at least the same performance.

The graduate student and his team purchased a Balance 20X along with a SpeedFusion Cloud License renewal. After looking at competitor’s offerings, he decided on the Balance 20X as it interfaced with the mobile network with more stability. 

After combining the bandwidth of a mobile WAN served via LAN and an LTE connection, the graduate student further purchased an expansion unit for an additional LTE connection. Furthermore, he purchased another 10TB for SpeedFusion Cloud use.

Thanks to Peplink’s devices and SpeedFusion Cloud, the graduate student can travel between remote locations while experiencing seamless and reliable connectivity for his everyday use.


MAX On-The-Go

  • Brought while traveling for connectivity  
  • Enables SpeedFusion technology such as Bandwidth Bonding
  • Portable and cost-effective device

Balance 20X

  • Bought for upgraded connectivity stability
  • Enables Bandwidth Bonding to combine multiple links
  • Affordable and expandable for future demand