Privately Owned Bank Acquires Secure and Scalable Connectivity

A large privately owned bank in Southeast Asia operates multiple ATMs and mobile banks on top of day-to-day activities in stationary locations. They were looking to strengthen their branch edge network security to support applications that require the transmission of confidential information; all the while keeping their infrastructure scalable.


This bank’s head and branch offices use their network with a public IP. They needed to create a more secure network to protect the private data being transmitted in and out continuously, especially from security threats. For their ATMs and mobile banks, the bank wanted to establish a secure tunnel from each machine or vehicle to the head office. 

Since the bank’s ATMs and mobile banks will be running in several locations simultaneously, they wanted the new solution to support fleet tracking. Additionally, they wanted a management platform that would allow them to monitor and configure all devices through a single dashboard. Finally, they requested for a solution with fast installation time to avoid long transition periods.


After speaking with a Peplink partner, MAX BR1 Minis were deployed to the bank’s ATMs and mobile bank vehicles. All devices were configured using InControl Virtual Appliance, giving the bank complete control and security. At their head office, a FusionHub was established, forming a SpeedFusion VPN tunnel between the head office and the ATMs and mobile banks. This provides the bank’s network with greater security for private data to be sent across different devices. 

Furthermore, the MAX BR1 Mini maximizes uptime of the cellular connection with its redundant SIMs. This router was also chosen for its small form-factor and power input options, fitting the physical limitations of ATMs and mobile banks. In addition, its robust and industrial quality eliminates any worries concerning long-term maintenance. 


With the MAX BR1 Mini’s simple installation, our partner was able to rapidly deploy these devices to their respective locations. This router, equipped with GPS, enables the bank to monitor all ATMs and mobile banks while on-the-go.

On top of these, InControl Virtual Appliance helps simplify configuration, and gives them the ability to monitor everything through one screen while remaining a private network. Looking to the future, the bank is confident in scaling up their network infrastructure while maintaining complete security thanks to Peplink’s fitting devices. 


MAX BR1 Mini

  • Deployed to the bank’s ATMs and mobile banks
  • Small form-factor for limited spaces
  • Robust and industrial exterior for longevity


  • Established in the head office
  • Enables SpeedFusion VPN tunnels to be formed
  • Rapidly deployable with the devices