Pawnshop Trades in for Unbreakable Branch Connectivity

Although known for trading in material goods for money, pawnshops need reliable connectivity for their day-to-day activities. These include real-time access to their database and in-house internet. A Southeast Asia pawnshop runs over 200 branches across the country and wanted to trade in their current WAN solution for a more affordable connectivity device in each branch. 


The pawnshop’s 200+ branches heavily relied on a competitor’s load balancer. However, since the pawnshop was on a tighter budget, they wanted a less expensive option but still provide better connectivity. With a large number of branches, they needed a more manageable solution to monitor each branch. They also needed a connectivity setup that did not introduce extra costs for installation assistance. 


One of Peplink’s resellers introduced the pawnshop franchise to the UBR LTE. They deployed a UBR LTE to each of the 200+ branches in phases. With two LTE modems and SpeedFusion technology, the UBR LTE provided each pawnshop branch with two different links that are aggregated into one faster connection.

Despite having to roll out the UBR LTE across branches far apart, Peplink’s InControl 2 can remotely monitor each device. Additionally, the plug-and-play system allows employees in each pawnshop branch to easily set up the UBR LTE without relying on third-party installation. 


Each pawnshop branch now has reliable internet connectivity and all devices are remotely managed by the team through InControl. Thanks to Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, Bandwidth Bonding relieves the pawnshop franchise’s concerns from their worries of poor bandwidth.

All of this, without putting a hole in their pocket. Set at an affordable price, they didn’t have to worry about deploying a large number of devices. Furthermore, what sold this solution to the pawnshop franchise was the added after-sales support provided by Peplink and our reseller. Despite the geographical boundaries, we make connectivity reliable and our solutions always work. 



  • Budget friendly dual cellular router with redundant SIM slots
  • Multiple WAN inputs to utilize LTE and Ethernet
  • Manageable on InControl 2 and utilizes SpeedFusion technologies