Gateway Group. Philippines

Branch Edge | MPLS Alternative

Gateway Group, a distributor of BMW, Peugeot, Nissan and others has 6 office branches around The Philippines. The data center they connect to is located in the 7th branch – the main branch in Cebu.

I love how Peplink gives me unbreakable Internet and up to 70% savings! Now I have budget for other IT investments.”

Kenneth Subaria, IT Manager, Gateway Group.
Gateway Group Saves 70_ With Peplink Branch Networking #2


Unfortunately, reliable Internet connections at Gateway Group’s location lacks speed and is very costly. Branches connect to HQ to place orders, process payments and payroll, amongst other things so it is important for business continuity that they stay connected as well as process everything as quickly as possible. This becomes a challenge when their leased line subscriptions only provided a total of 28Mb. Of which, headquarters is allocated 8Mb while each branch is allocated 2Mb. All this costs Gateway Group a little over US$4,000 a month.


Peplink partner Philwebservices refitted their branch networking with the goal to combine bandwidth from multiple low-cost connections. Balance 380 are deployed in their branches, they each have multiple connections combined by SpeedFusion and connects to a Balance 580 at the main branch. To ensure the main branch can access the Internet at maximum speed, a FusionHub on AWS supplies the bandwidth, also via SpeedFusion.

Gateway Group Saves 70_ With Peplink Branch Networking #3
Gateway Group Saves 70_ With Peplink Branch Networking #4


With this setup, Gateway Group is able to make use of multiple affordable DSL lines. SpeedFusion combines all the bandwidth and provides Hot Failover when one connection becomes unavailable. Headquarters now has 80Mb and branches have 35Mb, and all this only costs US$1,300 – a 4x increase in total bandwidth and 68% monthly savings.