Banknote Company Assembles DC-DRC Network with Peplink

Especially when enterprise operations involve pecuniary activities, security is a top priority. A banknote company in Asia was looking for an alternative network solution to set up a DC-DRC (Data Center – Disaster Recovery Center) connection for their enterprise.


The banknote company was facing a lot of downtime and threats to security with their unreliable connection. They wanted to implement a solution that would allow their network to stay online even if a connection drops out. While evaluating possible solutions, they preferred to use an SD-WAN solution, using both wired and wireless connections, that can be integrated into their existing network.

This banknote company was looking to establish a DC-DRC connection, a link between their data center and a disaster recovery center. The disaster recovery center will be used to gather assets in case of a network outage. However, establishing a DC-DRC connection, would require large bandwidth readily available 24/7 and need protected links to prevent confidential information from getting out. 


With these requirements in mind, our Peplink partner deployed a Balance 310X to the banknote company’s data center and to the disaster recovery center respectively. At each location, the Balance 310X was connected to both MPLS and LTE links. These routers are then connected to each site’s core switch. 

Serving as endpoints, both devices established a SpeedFusion tunnel that enables data transmission within a secure VPN. The SpeedFusion tunnel also enabled the banknote company to take advantage of the several SpeedFusion technologies available. The entire deployment is then monitored and managed through InControl 2.


The pairing of the Balance 310X’s multi-WAN support and SpeedFusion’s Hot Failover maintained uptime by switching to the available connection when the first one disconnects. While the data transfers remained secure with SpeedFusion’s SpeedFusion VPN, WAN Smoothing improved their jittered calls using VoIP devices. 

The banknote company was also able to conveniently integrate the devices into their existing network infrastructure and configured both devices through InControl 2. While in operation, they benefited from the centralized reports InControl 2 helped generate regarding any connection drops between the links. 


Balance 310X

  • Deployed to the banknote company’s data center and disaster recovery center
  • Used as endpoints to enable SpeedFusion technologies 
  • Configured and monitored remotely with InControl 2