Agriculture Meets Technology with Stable Network Connectivity

An agriculture technology solutions company in Europe supplies those in agriculture with products and solutions for farm and field activities. These include planting equipment, steering devices, and monitor displays. In order to fully utilize their displays, they need solid internet connectivity for tractor cabs.


The agriculture technology solutions company recently launched a new feature for their displays’ GPS technologies. However, for this to function properly, tractor cabs would need constant wireless connectivity. Looking for a device, they wanted one that would be most suitable for the environment that tractor cabs will be deployed to. 


With the help of a Peplink distributor, the agriculture technology solutions company was provided with MAX BR1 Minis due to their cellular connectivity option. Peplink’s distributor also assisted the agriculture technology solutions company in setting up InControl 2 as well as the MAX BR1 Mini’s out-of-band management support.

Additionally, the MAX BR1 Mini comes with various certifications ensuring its continuous operations in the farms and field. Its small and rugged body along with its capability to operate within -40° – 149°F makes it the perfect companion for the tractor cabs.


Now that the tractor cabs have access to stable connectivity, those in the agriculture sector can make use of the new display features with ease. The agriculture technology solutions company expressed their enthusiasm with the scalability of this deployment with the help of InControl 2 making remote management available.

Thanks to this solution, the company and those in the field can confidently deploy more MAX BR1 Minis when needed, without worrying about monitoring each of them manually.


MAX BR1 Mini

  • Deployed to each tractor cab with monitor display
  • Compact form factor with wide operating temperature range
  • Out-of-band management support available for consoles