A Reliable Installation of Secure Branch Connectivity with an MSP

One of the most common features and services provided by managed service providers (MSPs) sought after by clients is security. Especially when an enterprise has several locations away from each other, having an available and secure network between all sites is crucial. An MSP in the US was tasked to set up a network as such for an installation company with sites in three different states.


The installation company was looking to set up a network among three nearby states in the North-east USA. One of their foremost requirements was a VPN infrastructure to ensure secure data transmission. On top of security, they also needed reliable connectivity to support their continuous VoIP activities.

Another condition the MSP needed to meet was having a failover option for the installation offices in the event one of the connections dropped. And since the installation company’s branches are all in different states, they hoped to be able to monitor the network remotely.


The MSP decided to use the Balance 310X for each location of this deployment. The Balance 310X was selected for its high throughput and load balancing features. They set up two wired connections for each device, and enabled the Balance 310X’s built-in LTE as a cellular backup. 

Each device was then connected to a FusionHub established at the MSP’s data center. This was set up to route traffic from all devices through the FusionHub and an existing firewall before reaching the Internet. 


After this installation, the MSP established SpeedFusion tunnels between each device and the FusionHub. Routing network traffic through FusionHub and the firewall ensured network security for all branches. And with both wired and cellular connectivity options, Hot Failover maintained session persistence.

Additionally, SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding and WAN Smoothing supported the offices’ VoIP services by either providing large enough bandwidth for simultaneous activities or minimizing latency for smoother VoIP activities. 

Even with just one model, the MSP helped the installation company experience Peplink’s reliable connectivity in full. 


Balance 310X

  • Deployed to each of the installation company’s branches
  • Built-in LTE for an option to fail over to cellular
  • Enables WAN Smoothing for smooth use of VoIP applications


  • Established at the MSP’s data center
  • Makes SpeedFusion possible for all devices
  • Routes traffic through the firewall for security