SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing

SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing

Packet Loss: The Leading Cause of Break-Ups

Packet loss can strike at the most important moments. During a videoconference with a customer, lag can make conversation painful as both parties are off-sync by seconds. During a live broadcast, your camera crew’s cellular connectivity can break, making you lose precious seconds of coverage. The result: frustration and missed opportunities.

To combat packet loss, our engineers have developed a SpeedFusion technology: WAN Smoothing.

packet loss sucks

Solution: WAN Smoothing

Using intelligent algorithms, the sending Peplink device builds and delivers special packets. Armed with these special packets, the receiving Peplink device can then reconstruct the lost packets to ensure that communications remains consistent.

At the same time, WAN Smoothing will attempt to assign traffic to the WAN connection with the lowest latency. Thus, the latency of the SpeedFusion tunnel becomes the latency of the most responsive WAN connection.

Built for Consistency

SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing is built for consistency

WAN Smoothing consumes more bandwidth than Bandwidth Bonding, but increases connection consistency. Use it when you need consistent delivery of time-sensitive traffic.

Adjust Smoothing Strength

SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing is built for consistency

Adjust the amount of extra bandwidth to use for improving your connection consistency, striking your perfect balance between fast uploads and smooth streaming.

Configure WAN Priority

SpeedFusion VPN can be configured by WAN

Determine the priority of each WAN connection in the SpeedFusion Tunnel. This enables you to dedicate specific links (such as cellular) for backup.

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