PrimeCare Terms and Conditions

Executive Summary

  • PrimeCare will include IC2, warranty with standard RMA, FusionHub license, SpeedFusion bonding. These features are not available as a separate purchase for PrimeCare devices.
  • PrimeCare is included in the first year, with the ability to continue afterwards via paid subscription.
  • If PrimeCare is not subscribed, the PrimeCare device will continue to work, minus the InControl access, FusionHub functionality, standard RMA, and PrimeCare software licenses.

PrimeCare Subscription Process

Device Compatibility
PrimeCare is a subscription service that is available for selected devices. These devices will have specific models with SKU numbers ending with -PRM to indicate compatibility with PrimeCare.

Interchangeability Between PrimeCare and Non-PrimeCare Devices / Services
PrimeCare devices and services are not interchangeable with non-PrimeCare devices and services. That is, PrimeCare devices will not be able to subscribe to normal InControl 2 subscriptions, extended warranties, or FusionHub licenses. Likewise, non-PrimeCare devices will not be able to subscribe to PrimeCare.

First Year of PrimeCare Included
The first year of PrimeCare is included in the purchase of any PrimeCare device. PrimeCare includes IC2, warranty, FusionHub license, SpeedFusion bonding. After the first year has passed, simply renew PrimeCare to remain in subscription and maintain access to these services.

After Expiration
To provide greater peace of mind, Peplink will grant a 30-day grace period for PrimeCare purchases after the date of subscription expiry. During the Grace Period, customers will be eligible to purchase PrimeCare for the expired device. The PrimeCare subscription begins on the day after the original warranty expiration date.

Between the 31st day and up to 2 years from the expiration date, re-entry into PrimeCare requires a Diagnostic Report to be submitted for testing. If passed, the Customer will be entitled to purchase PrimeCare again. The PrimeCare subscription date begins from the date of purchase.

If the Diagnostic Report is unavailable or failed, the Customer will only be entitled to purchase Out of Warranty Repair Service.

Out of Subscription Devices
If a PrimeCare device is not subscribed to PrimeCare, it will maintain networking functionality and remain configurable via the on-device Web UI. InControl access, FusionHub licenses, and PrimeCare software features such as SpeedFusion Bonding will be disabled. All other functionality will remain unaffected.

If a PrimeCare device is on a FusionHub when it goes out of subscription, it will still be able to connect to the FusionHub through PepVPN, but not through SpeedFusion. In addition, the out-of-subscription PrimeCare device will count towards the FusionHub’s peer limit. If the FusionHub was already at its device limit before the PrimeCare device went out of subscription, then the out-of-subscription PrimeCare device will disconnect with the FusionHub.

Components of PrimeCare

SpeedFusion and Feature-Activated Licenses: The terms and conditions for PrimeCare’s SpeedFusion and software licenses are governed by the Peplink End User License Agreement (EULA) page. Please refer to it for full details. In addition to the terms stated by the EULA, PrimeCare-based licenses only function while the device is subscribed to PrimeCare. When a device goes out of PrimeCare subscription, the related SpeedFusion and feature-activated licenses will no longer function.

InControl Subscription: PrimeCare includes a subscription to InControl. For PrimeCare, the terms of access to InControl are identical to the standalone InControl Subscription Terms and Conditions. Please refer to it for full details.

Warranty Service: PrimeCare offers Standard Extended Hardware Warranty as detailed in the Warranty, Support & Return Policies page. Please refer to that document for full details. This warranty service includes Standard RMA service as outlined by the “Standard RMA” section of the Warranty, Support & Return Policies page. PrimeCare does not include Advance Hardware Replacement service.

FusionHub Licence: Devices under PrimeCare can connect to any FusionHub without counting towards its peer limit. There are no software throughput restrictions within FusionHub. But the actual throughput can be physically limited by the hardware and network it is hosted on.

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