High Availability Last Mile with AWS Wavelength

AWS Wavelength reduces latency by putting Amazon infrastructure directly inside the mobile carrier’s networks. But what happens if the 5G connectivity is interrupted? Add Peplink’s AWS Wavelength-ready 5G routers to combine unbeatable latency with unbreakable connectivity.

Even Better With Peplink Technology

Constant Connectivity

Stay connected to your AWS cloud servers with constantly available backup paths.

Fill Coverage Gaps

As 5G is built out, connectivity to locations with 4G only still need connectivity, even if the latency is not as good as with 5G.

Seamless Network Handoff

Hot Failover ensures uninterrupted AWS cloud access when changing between networks.

The Big Picture

Enabling New Possibilities


Speed up diagnosis by using real-time AI video analytics and image matching. Achieve more responsive vitals monitoring and telemetry.

Industry 4.0

Enable IoT-connected smart machines to communicate with AWS-hosted resources in real-time. Use machine learning to automate quality control through image and video analysis.

Public Safety

Enhance the responsiveness of mission critical applications such as radio over IP, drone footage, advanced mapping and building plan retrieval.

Broadcasting and Media

Optimize video performance by reducing latency. Enable real time field production by shortening the distance between the streaming site and video production servers.


Streamline access to advanced building systems and data center resources by hosting them closer to the network edge.

FusionHub Virtual Appliance for Wavelength and AWS

Extend SpeedFusion to Your Cloud

FusionHub is the virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink which allows you to establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices. This allows you to bridge the gap from Wavelength to other AWS regions and other network paths – for seamless backup possibilities.