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Common Features

5G-Ready Maritime Antenna Series
5G Ready

5G can reach speeds 10x faster than 4G LTE. Download movies in just seconds.

The IoT Antenna Series is IP66 Rated and UV Proof
IP66 Rated and UV Proof

Certified quality protection from dust, water, and UV allows you to use it even in poor weather conditions.

The Maritime Antenna Series has 7dBi High Gain
10dBi High Gain

Increased signal strength for a stronger connection and less interference.

The Maritime Antenna Series has GPS Support
GPS Support

Includes an active and high performance GPS receiver ideal for location tracking.

IoT 20G

2x Cellular | 1x GPS

With 2 cellular channels, the IoT 20G is a high-gain antenna optimized for LTE/5G bands. Its IP66 enclosure and support for Band 71 makes this antenna an ideal and easy installation for remote deployments.

Extension Cables

A full array of UV stabilized and low-loss extension cable options with different connectors and lengths to meet any of your antenna needs.

  • Is the IoT 20G suitable for me?


    Q1. What applications is this product best for?

    The IoT 20G is a 5G-ready outdoor directional antenna. It’s perfect for rural or suburban areas in order to get the best possible signal from cell towers that are oftentimes, far away.


    Q2. Why should I choose the IoT 20G instead of other antennas?

    The IoT 20G is a high gain (10dBi) antenna ideal for remote deployments with its ability to boost signals for the best possible performance. It is designed to cover a wide frequency range (600-6000MHz), suitable for the LTE/5G networks of today and tomorrow.


    Q3. Can my LTE-A Pro (CAT-18) or 5G router with 4x antenna connectors still use the IoT 20G?

    Yes, they can. For an LTE-A Pro (CAT-18) or a 5G modem based router you will need 2x IoT 20G antennas to connect to all four connectors. Some CAT-18, CAT-20, or 5G routers may still work with only 2 connectors installed, but for the best performance and connection stability, we recommend utilizing every antenna connector at all times.



    What is included with the IoT 20G?


    Q1. What’s in the box?

    Along with the antenna, there is a wall/pole mount, and related screws and straps required for installation.


    Q2. Is a warranty included with this product?

    Yes, the IoT 20G comes with a 1-year warranty.


    Q3. What product options are available?

    The antenna comes in two options: 16 ft (5m) cables with SMA connectors, or 2 ft (0.5m) cables with N-Type connectors. The SMA version is ideal for when the antenna is directly connected to the router, while the N-Type can be used with outdoor enclosures or when a longer cable is needed (e.g. LMR-400).



    How should the IoT 20G be used?


    Q1. Are there any recommendations for installing the IoT 20G?

    Yes, our datasheet includes installation recommendations on how to install antennas on a pole or wall.

    Q2. Is the IoT a correct choice for outdoor applications?

    Yes, the antenna is designed for outdoor use. It has an IP66 rating according to the Ingress Protection code. The enclosure is also made of UV stable plastic, protecting it from long-term degradation.



    What can I do if I need support?


    Q1. Does Peplink offer support for this product? What if I have difficulties setting it up?

    First, Peplink Partners always provide support to the users of the products that they have sold, so always reach out to the place of purchase first.

    For those who prefer self-service, Peplink has a very active forum that is regularly patrolled by Peplink Partners, Peplink employees, and many knowledgeable users, all ready to answer your questions. In the unlikely event of a suspected hardware or firmware issue, you can enter a support ticket with Peplink directly.



    Painting Peplink Antennas


    Q1. Can Peplink antennas be painted?

    Yes, all of our antennas can be painted with any color. The IMPORTANT thing to note is to use non-metallic, non-conductive and non-absorptive paint. Metallic particles (e.g. titanium dioxide, iron oxide or any others) will act like a shield and significantly degrade the antenna’s performance. In some cases, polymers still can be conductive even if they are non-metallic. Conductive polymers are widely used for anti-corrosive coating.

    Click here to know more about what should be noted while painting your antennas.

  • Product CodeDescription
    ANT-IOT-20G-S-W-162xLTE/5G, 1xGPS 600-6000MHz, IP66, SMA male, White, 16 ft / 5m
    ANT-IOT-20G-N-W-22xLTE/5G, 1xGPS 600-6000MHz, IP66, N-type male, White, 2 ft / 0.5m
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