Reintroducing SpeedFusion

Updated Naming System

As our range of products have grown, we’re worried that all the similar names might be confusing for our community to keep up with.

Our goal is to go back to a simpler format, and to have naming system be as short and clean as possible.

Our website will follow the new names as of Nov 28, 2023. While our firmware will reflect these changes with the next update.

Detailed Explanation

Name: SpeedFusion

Description: Peplink technology that makes multiple wide area network links more reliable for all types of applications; protects the reliability of applications.

Name: Smoothing

Previous Names: WAN Smoothing
Description: Configuration on Peplink routers that sends the same traffic through multiple WANs for increased resilience.

Name: SpeedFusion Connect

Previous names: SpeedFusion Cloud, SpeedFusion Connect, SpeedFusion Connect Protect, SFC, SFC Protect
Description: Peplink service that allows users to connect from a private endpoint (router or device) to a public endpoint (to the Internet).

Name: SpeedFusion VPN

Description: Peplink feature that allows users to connect from a private endpoint (router or device) to another private endpoint.

Name: SpeedFusion Connect Usage Plans

Previous names: SpeedFusion Usage/Quota, SpeedFusion Connect Protect – Plan (A/B/C/etc), Top-up plans
Description: Quota for SpeedFusion Connect

Name: Peplink eSIM Data Plans

Previous names: SpeedFusion Connect Protect 5G/LTE Plans
Description: Peplink’s eSIM cellular data plans that allows users to access to carriers across many different countries.

Name: SpeedFusion Relay

Previous names: SpeedFusion Connect Relay
Description: Peplink device that is installed behind home or office firewall that enables remote Peplink devices to connect to the home/office network, “relaying” through SpeedFusion Connect public endpoints.

Name: SpeedFusion Relay Mode

Description: Configuration on Peplink routers that allows the user to relay their network traffic to a separate end point.