Application of 5G networks in Teleoperation

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How 5G networks are applied in Teleoperation?

Application of 5G in Teleoperation of Autonomous Vehicles

Application of 5G networks in teleoperation in autonomous vehicles with 5g cellular routers
^5G Application in Teleoperation in Autonomous Vehicles

Teleoperations are the driving of vehicles from a remote location. It is being developed as the fall-back and safety mechanism for autonomous and self-driving vehicles. Because of Peplink’s reliable and unbreakable internet connectivity, all products are being used to power teleoperations and bring safety to the future of transportation.

In the near future, it will be a common occurrence to see driverless and autonomous vehicles on the streets. The remote operation brings a safety mechanism that allows autonomous vehicles to be monitored and controlled by operators remotely. However, in remote-controlled driving systems, even one second of downtime can lead to disastrous results.

How Peplink 5G networks helped in teleoperation

That is why Peplink combines 5G networks with our SpeedFusion technology to ensure that connectivity is always available. In one of our current 5G networks projects, we have been working on a remote-controlled driving system with 5g cellular routers for cars. The system is connected to the car’s steering wheel, gears, accelerator, and brakes. With cameras and a GPS, the system gathers real-time images and location data.

A MBX 5G cellular router is installed in the car. With multiple cellular modems, the MBX 5G cellular routerprovides the car with 5G networks while ensuring unbreakable connectivity with SpeedFusion technology. The car’s data is then live-streamed to a driving simulator where a human operator is ready to take control. The simulator recreates realistic real-time driving and monitoring experience for the remote operator. This allows for the operator to take control of the car when needed. Unbreakable connectivity is enabled by the MBX 5G cellular router with SpeedFusion’s Hot Failover and Bandwidth Bonding. When you lose connection to your WAN, the Hot Failover will seamlessly transfer your connection to an alternative WAN.

This is done in a way that ensures that you not only maintain an internet connection, but you might not even realize that it happened. Bandwidth Bonding combines multiple connections into one, allowing a single 5g cellular router to use the entire combined bandwidth of multiple WANs. This would result in greater 5G networks’ reliability and bandwidth speed. Peplink’s products for reliable connectivity can easily be adapted to any device.

This is how 5G networks are applied in Teleoperation.