If you think the modem numbers in the specs are the exact number of WANs you can have, you’re wrong. Or, to be more precise, you’re wrong if the routers you’re using are from Peplink. It’s possible to have 10, 20, even up to 100 internet sources on 1 network with the advanced firmware features that come with your Peplink router, such as Virtual WAN, Synergy Mode, Wi-Fi WAN etc.

Event Wi-Fi, a Peplink partner that specializes in providing great Wi-Fi for large events, recently made the most of these features and built a network of 100 WANs.

Such a network provides the ultimate in redundancy for highly reliable connectivity. It also provides increased capacity for load balancing during events that cover a large area and are filled with a large number of users, for example, a very large music festival.

Features in Use

Synergy Mode

First introduced in Firmware 8.3.0, the Synergy Mode allows you to combine the WANs of multiple Peplink devices into a single Peplink device. This means that all the WANs on the synergized devices can function as native WANs on the Synergy Controller for configuration and management purposes, despite the different locations.

Virtual WAN

Starting from Firmware 8.3.0, you can also activate the Virtual WAN license to have up to 3 additional WAN inputs if you need more WANs than what’s on your router’s WAN interface.

Wi-Fi as WAN

With Wi-Fi as WAN functionality on your router, you can turn a nearby Wi-Fi network into a WAN source. If your routers support dual-band Wi-Fi, you can also have 2 Wi-Fi as WAN connections simultaneously.