Ship Ceremony Celebrates With Onboard and Onshore Peplink Connectivity

Ship naming ceremonies have a rich history, with traditions that span thousands of years. The official ceremony often features large festivities, including performances, gathering thousands of people together. In a recent instance, a cruise ship docked at an exotic location was officially named at a celebration with attendees onboard and by the beachside. This required a modern connectivity solution to ensure that all attendees were able to witness the events taking place both onboard and by the beach.


Since the ship naming ceremony planned to hold some festivities by the beachside, they wanted to stream them to the ship. Passengers were to be gathered at the main deck of the ship, where the onboard events were to be held and to watch the live stream.

During preparations, the cruise line already had a connectivity solution in place. However, they were looking for backup links. Firstly, they needed a backup connection to the main Point-to-Point link between the ship and shore. Additionally, the cruise line wanted a reliable backup option to the current fiber solution on the beach.


A Peplink partner was contacted and tasked with setting up the backup solution. On the ship, a BR2 Pro was installed and connected to 2 HD1 Dome Pros, resulting in 4 cellular connections. For the beachside backup solution, an HD4 MBX was set up to establish another 4 cellular links.

To avoid the need for additional hardware as an endpoint, a FusionHub was established. Both the BR2 Pro and HD4 MBX are bonded to the FusionHub through SpeedFusion Tunnels. This configuration allows both routers to leverage different SpeedFusion Technologies. Bandwidth Bonding was primarily enabled to aggregate the 4 connections both on the ship and onshore.


While conducting checks, the bonded connections ensured there was sufficient bandwidth to stream the events to the ship in high resolution. The cruise line realized that the Peplink setup proved to be more reliable than their primary Point-to-Point connection. Eventually, they decided to switch the primary and backup setups, having Peplink as the primary solution. The ship naming ceremony was a success, with simultaneous events on the ship and by the beach connected through live streams.


br2 pro

BR2 Pro

  • Deployed to the cruise ship
  • Dual 5G or cellular connections
  • Bonds bandwidth together with HD1 Dome Pros

HD1 Dome Pro

  • Connected to the BR2 Pro
  • Acts as additional cellular connectivity
  • Enhances performance with minimal signal loss


  • Installed at the beach site
  • Provides up to 4 cellular links
  • Aggregates all connections for one large channel


  • Established as an endpoint
  • Creates SpeedFusion VPN tunnels
  • Enables SpeedFusion technologies