Social Enterprise Pluss, UK

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Pluss is a social enterprise that each year makes gainful employment a reality for more than 5000 disabled and disadvantaged UK citizens. With 37 locations and 300+ active users, Pluss makes heavy use of its WAN infrastructure, which until recently was built on managed MPLS lines.

“It saves us money, is easy to manage and grows with us effortlessly.”

Steve Taylor, – Pluss
Pluss gains a fast, cost-effective WAN #2


Hoping to cut expenses and, if possible, boost performance at the same time, Steve Taylor, IT Manager at Pluss, set out to find a solution that would allow Pluss to replace costly MPLS service with a commodity alternative, such as DSL or EFM.

“Our Peplink WAN has become a strategic enabler of all of our customer facing services.”

Pluss gains a fast, cost-effective WAN #3


Steve found the solution Pluss needed in Peplink products, especially the Balance series of high-performance enterprise routers and SpeedFusion bonding technology. Pluss now powers its entire WAN infrastructure with simple-to-install, highly reliable, and cost-effective Peplink gear, which allows it to aggregate DSL and other commodity connections and replace expensive leased lines.

Video Interview


We recently interviewed Steve Taylor to learn more about how Pluss reduced costs, improved reliability, and simplified IT management with Peplink.

Pluss gains a fast, cost-effective WAN #4


Reduced Opex — Compared to MPLS

Agility With the ability to add and remove different types and classes of additional bandwidth as and when needed, at any location.

Lower support requirement — It’s a very simple solution and can be monitored and managed by first-line engineers, which frees up network engineers to do more useful, proactive activities, like application monitoring and capacity planning.

Reliability — SpeedFusion has been a very reliable and secure method for our VPN WAN delivery. With a reliable network, we can spend more time on customer-facing projects that can really make a difference to our bottom line and the productivity of the company as a whole.