Peplink Supercharges Orsan’s Offices and Mobil Gas Stations with Advanced SD-WAN Architecture

Orsan offers quality fuel and services throughout Mexico through Mobil, who owns a chain of 170 gas stations across the country. Due to inefficiencies in data routing and network services, they upgraded their network and enhanced their branch connectivity for optimized PoS performance.


Orsan is a substantial enterprise that possesses several fuel companies. The network requirements to facilitate each data transaction can be quite substantial. Mobil, being one of their subsidiaries, needed an efficient method to link to Orsan’s data center for payment processing and specific data access.

Additionally, Mobil has fuel pumps in over 170 locations scattered across Mexico, with some lacking access to a fixed cable. Consequently, Mobil necessitated a network solution offering cellular connectivity, capable of enduring a high number of peers and achieving remarkable bandwidth speeds.

Furthermore, another challenge was to establish a scalable deployment. Given that the fuel stations are situated in diverse locations, a highly manageable network was utterly fundamental. This would make it simpler for Orsan and Mobil’s IT team to conveniently troubleshoot entire networks remotely across various locations.


Orsan approached Connectivity Solutions, a local authorized partner of Peplink, to provide assistance in creating a stable and dependable network for both Orsan and Mobil. Our partners deemed it optimal to deploy Balance 380 units at the corporate offices due to their high throughput and exceptional WAN availability. They also recommended utilizing Balance 20X units at the gas stations due to their robust capabilities in relation to their cost-effectiveness. Finally, Balance 710 units were chosen for deployment at their data center. Notably, given that Orsan’s data was stored on separate, independent cloud servers, Fusionhub was deployed to extend SpeedFusion capabilities to their cloud infrastructure.

1Gbps Multi-WAN (3 Ports) Router Balance 380 #2
900Mbps Dual-WAN Router Balance 20X

All devices within the headquarters and data centers operate in High Availability mode, leading to a significant enhancement in reliability and a reduction in the likelihood of any disruptions to the PoS system. Moreover, with each device on the network interconnected via SpeedFusion VPN tunnels, all the features of SpeedFusion became accessible, leading to substantial improvements in transaction speed and the prevention of network downtime.

As for local security requirements, Connectivity Solutions were installed CheckPoint, a CS-managed firewall, in every branch office, call center and data center for enhanced security.


With the integration of Peplink devices and SpeedFusion technology across their entire network, Orsan and Mobil have managed to successfully prevent any disruptions to their PoS system, resulting in a more efficient business.

The network architecture also meets policy requirements set by local government authorities and PCI Security Standards. This allows for an easily scalable and compliant deployment for future expansions.


Balance 20X

  • Installed at the gas stations
  • Provides on-site connectivity 
  • Offers WAN versatility and LTE backup
  • Affordable and cost-effective for large-scale deployments

Balance 380

  • Deployed at the call centers and corporate offices
  • Supports up to 100 VPN peers
  • Provides an ideal SD-WAN solution for offices with high traffic

Balance 710

  • Set up in the data center with HA mode enabled
  • Enables SpeedFusion technologies
  • Forms an unbreakable VPN bond for impeccable data transmission
  • Offers 7 WAN ports and enterprise-level throughput


  • Deployed at the data center
  • Enables SpeedFusion for all devices
  • Extends SpeedFusion to their AWS cloud