AirProbe & Cloud Wi-Fi Performance Diagnostics

AirProbe wi-fi network troubleshooting

Troubled by Wireless Networking?

As a Wi-Fi administrator, you face these problems every day:

Have No Fear, Peplink Wi-Fi Diagnostics is Here

Overview of AirProbe functionality

We have a wide array of tools to solve your Wi-Fi troubles. AirProbe can analyze Wi-Fi signals and perform automated testing. InControl cloud Wi-Fi diagnostic platform aggregates and stores the information from all your AirProbes, enabling you to view the Wi-Fi environment on any site, at any point in time. Best of all, this solution works with any Wi-Fi infrastructure. Check out the details.

Scan your Wi-Fi environment with AirProbe

Scan your Wi-Fi environment with AirProbe

Conveniently Retrieve Any Test Record

Using InControl, you can review any test record within the last 30 days so you will know exactly how your Wi-Fi is performing at any given time.

Easy Set-Up — and Affordable, Too

To configure all your AirProbes, visit InControl to remotely access the Web UI for AirProbe, or push a single configuration file to a group of them. Manage hundreds of AirProbes without having to go onsite. InControl Wi-Fi Diagnostic service is affordable: First year of service included. $99 per year thereafter for each unit. For Wi-Fi diagnostic hardware to deploy onsite, we offer 3 SKUs:

The solution to your Wi-Fi troubles is just an AirProbe away