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Across the US, Bowen Engineering Corporation has been the self-performing construction contractor of choice for the energy and industrial sector since 1967.

“Through the use of Pepwave wireless solution – internet access and availability of our internal network resources has exceeded our engineering, construction and project team members expectations. By using Pepwave, our teams are assured of connectivity and obtainability of internet and network resources no matter where the site is located!”

– Paul Bravard, Network and Systems Administrator, Bowen Engineering Corporation.
Bowen Engineering Temporary Construction Networking #2


Osborne also found a great deal of inconsistency in this approach, especially in challenging environments such as railway stations or areas with limited coverage. Over the years, Osborne has tested technologies such as satellite and running their own multi-SIM 3G routers, but these options had significant complexity and cost drawbacks. With new rules requiring the use of BIM on centrally funded projects by 2016, Osborne turned to Onwave, a managed service provider that offered a more reliable and predictable method of assuring site connectivity.

Bowen Engineering Temporary Construction Networking #3


Depending on the site’s situation, Bowen would deploy MAX 700, MAX HD2, MAX HD4 and the MAX On-The-Go. The main reason for choosing the MAX series is that they provide the flexibility and choice for them to implement whatever is available and appropriate at each given site. Bowen could for example use top-up SIM cards from multiple providers for resilience, in the HD2 and HD4 series. Or they could mix up the cellular USB modems with multiple DSL lines for failover or to avoid data overages on the MAX 700. They could acquire up to 4 USB cellular modems and slot them all into the MAX On-The-Go’s USB ports for plug and play simplicity.

Bowen Engineering Temporary Construction Networking #4


With Peplink’s solution in place, Bowen now enjoys highly available, easy to install and maintain network. They have now significantly minimized the impact on construction team start, setup and operational time. The devices are an important factor in providing what the team needs to reduce delays, make accurate forecasts and reliable decisions and lowering overall risks.

Bowen plans to take advantage of Peplink features and expand their infrastructure to accommodate for instant collaboration via handheld devices. Project data, emails, plans, blueprints can be safely and securely transmitted between personnel, sites and headquarters. Most importantly, they will be able to do this without having to incur unnecessary cost of data plans for each individual device.