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Unbreakable VPN

  • Bond multiple WAN Links at any location into a single logical VPN tunnel using SpeedFusion, our proprietary VPN Bonding Technology.
  • Provide packet level failover across WANs within VPN tunnels.
  • Keep active sessions up and running with fast, seamless failover that won’t interrupt voice calls and RDP sessions.
  • Diversify your connectivity – and lower your costs – using DSL, MPLS, and cellular WANs within a single logical VPN tunnel.
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Cost-Effective MPLS Alternative

  • Create secure, private WANs by bonding various WAN links at multiple locations.
  • Augment existing MPLS WANs with additional links for extra bandwidth and fault tolerance.
  • Replace expensive leased lines and other MPLS connectivity with commodity links from multiple ISPs.
  • Bond multiple commodity links into a single logical VPN tunnel with SpeedFusion.

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Serious Uptime

  • Stay connected, even when links fail, using up to 13 WAN links from different ISPs.
  • Control traffic flow and service availability with outbound policies and inbound load balancing.
  • Failover between links using least cost and bandwidth-aware policies.
  • Combine fixed line, cellular, and satellite links for high availability at a lower cost.

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