Peplink Balance

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Fast and Reliable

Use Load Balancing and SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding to deliver superfast VoIP, video streaming, and data. Mix connections and providers to keep your network up when individual links go down. Switching between links is automatic and seamless.

Tried, Tested, Built to Last

Capable of years of uptime, the Balance easily handles monthly bandwidth that would crush lesser equipment.

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It Just Works, Always

The browser-based interface makes the Balance a breeze to configure. Non-IT staff can install the Balance quickly and easily.

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Content Caching. Save Bandwidth. Save Cost.

Built into all models of Balance with MediaFast, the Content Caching Technology enables on-the-fly content delivery and downloads. It accelerates video, iTunes U, iOS updates, app downloads, and other content for uninterrupted learning and fun anytime.

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Powerful, Intuitive Management

Monitor and remotely configure your network from any web browser using InControl 2. Receive instant notification of any changes in your network with our native mobile app. Manage your wireless network using the Balance’s integrated AP Controller.

InControl 2 Router Utility

Awesome Support

Get answers fast. If there’s ever a problem, we’ve got you covered with our knowledge base, expert forums, and smart, friendly support team.

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Customers Love It

The Balance consistently earns great reviews. Don’t take our word for it, see them for yourself on our testimonials page.

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